Review for Lumberjanes: 2016 Special: Makin’ the Ghost of It

Review for Lumberjanes: 2016 Special: Makin’ the Ghost of It

Two short stories in one, what more could one want? One filled with hungry ghosts, and the other with a wish-fulfilling sphinx.

I have to say that I enjoyed the first story a lot more that the second story. Mostly because the first one was way more exciting, and also because I found it weird that Ripley went through so much trouble and never saw the other girl lying there (or heard her).

But the first story is what I loved. The hike was fun, and I loved that the girls tried that food + seeing their reactions to eating it. I loved the spooky story that was told during the hike, I loved the spookiness during the night and how much was devoured in the kitchen, it was so exciting and I was definitely curious what was causing it. Of course I had a few suspicions, but I knew that, with Lumberjanes, one should always be open to surprises. There are so many different supernatural beings and events happening there that one never knows what is going on.

It was fun to see the camp again, the previous special I read, and also the second story all take out away from camp. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of it, maybe even get a map on how all the cabins and such are laid out.

I had a laugh at the ending and what was decided to eat since all the food has disappeared. 😛

Bonus image, this was the reaction of the girls when the counsellor (at least I am guessing the girl is that) told that horror story, it had me in stitches.

Then there is the second story which is only a few pages long. It is about how Ripley lost the counsellor girl and found a sphinx. Who yes, fulfils wishes if you can complete their riddle. But as I said in the second paragraph it was just a bit weird + and not that exciting.

The art.. mm, I guess someone else drew it as it was totally different from the first special. It wasn’t really my fav, at times it was quite nice, and the spooky scenes were done quite well.

All in all, still a very fun special and I can’t wait to read the last special there is.

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