Review for Lumberjanes Vol.2: Friendship to the Max

Review for Lumberjanes Vol.2: Friendship to the Max

Friendship to the max! It is time for the second volume in the Lumberjanes series.

Yep, back when I first read the first one, I never thought I would ever again read anything in the Lumberjanes series. I was frankly tired of graphic novels who just threw their readers in the deep end, no explanation, or anything. But then I got curious about the specials, read those, quite loved them (there it wasn’t a big problem we didn’t get many explanations, though I have to say that one of them gave more of an explanation then the 120-ish pages did in the first volume). I decided to give the series another chance, and I am quite glad I did.

In this one the story continues pretty much where we left of. Not that I knew much of what had happened any more, but I wasn’t going to be reading the first volume again. So I continued on, and then finally we got explanations for all the weird crap happening at the camp. Or at least one of them, as I am sure that there is more going on in this book than this. Especially given that one special talked about them opening portals on accident.

I have to say that it did feel a bit eh, why? Because it felt too much like someone was riding on the coattails for a certain popular series. Percy Jackson. I don’t want to spoil anything, but a lot of things happened and it definitely felt like Lumberjanes x Percy Jackson. It was still fun, good, exciting, and I couldn’t stop reading. I loved the puzzles, I loved seeing the girls kick some serious ass, trying to save their friend. I was squeeing when one girl gave the other motivation to solve anagrams by kissing her.

I still wish that they had done all this explaining sooner, I know I was definitely not the only one not amused with the no explanation crap from volume 1. 😐 I get that they now had some amazing thing, as the girls knew what to do, but hell, explaining is still important. Not breathing a word on what is going on in 120 pages is just a big no-no in my book.

I will continue reading this story, and hoping we will get more explanations on what is going on, plus see the girls kick some three-eyed ass + also deal with the whole gods are real thing. And of course I want to see more of the camp, as I really enjoyed those parts in this volume.

Plus I just love the message that friendship is everything. Friendship is special.

The art? Yup, I loved that one. One of the reasons next to the specials, that I had to read this volume. I adore the Lumberjanes art.

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