Review for Melowy Vol.1: The Test of Magic

Review for Melowy Vol.1: The Test of Magic

I received this book from Netgalley for an honest review.

Well… sadly I can’t be very positive about this book. I am very disappointed. It seemed like such a fun book and I was happy that it was a Read Now on Netgalley. I was looking forward to reading it, but now I wish I hadn’t. 🙁

For one this is volume 1, but it felt more like a volume 5 or 6 in a series to me. We jump right in the story, get a very short introduction on the characters and that is it. We hear them talk like they are best friends forever, we hear about other adventures. I just couldn’t click with any character because of this. It felt like I was peeking a day in the adventures of a group of very close friends.

Next up is the weirdness/was it really meant to be drawn like this? These girls are unicorns/pegasus. They dance/walk on two legs, but also move on four legs, or on 3 of them. They sit in chairs like humans do, but then in other parts of the story they are being very much horsey. In the end I was just laughing when they suddenly got up on two legs from walking/flying on 4 legs. I guess I have to go for a serious case of it is all magic, and let’s not ask any questions as to why these girls are walking around on four legs mostly, but then dance and do other things on two legs…
I guess the same could be said about clothes. Why are some of them wearing tops and others are just wearing skirts… And some are just wearing everything. 😛

The test they had to do? It was frankly boring, and maybe I would have been more interested if I had a proper introduction to the characters. If I had the chance to actually get to know them more than just casual “these are their names and kingdoms”.

As for the art. I can see it has potential (well with the exception of how the unicorns/pegasus look they just look a bit like play-do creations), but sadly due to Netgalley stuff the art is also blurry/grainy.

And of course there is also a mean girl and a villain. No fantasy story or school story could be without one it seems. 😛

So yeah, not for me, sadly. I was definitely hoping I would find a new series to enjoy, but this just isn’t it.

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