Review for Nerdy Birdy Tweets

Review for Nerdy Birdy Tweets

A little bird discovers the world of tweeting, but is twitter as fun as he thinks it is?

I spotted this book and I just had to try it. I believe I may also have seen it on Twitter. Sadly, I have to say that while the cover looked fun, and the start of the book was cute, I was not all too amused with our little bird.

I get that twitter is a fun medium to spend your time, but to forget your real friends? To not even notice that they left because you kept going on and on about twitter and your friends there. Bro, please. I just wanted to shake this little guy and let him see what is going on. And then when things finally go well he just had to ruin it. Do you really think it was funny to post something like that? I would also have been pissed if a friend had done that. Think before you post. Really think. Don’t just think about your online friends but also about that real friend.

But I guess you guys can all guys how this book is going to end. Yep. And sure, it was a fitting ending, I can’t really think of another ending that would fit with the book/theme.

The art was pretty decent. I wasn’t a big fan of the tiny bird’s design (though I did think his glasses and how big they are were hilarious), but I did like the vulture’s design.

All in all, still a decent book, and I did have fun reading it.

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