Review for Not Quite Narwhal

Review for Not Quite Narwhal

Is Kelp a Narwhal or a unicorn? Find out in this super-adorable book.

I have been meaning to read this book for ages, and today was the day I finally got the chance to read it. Boy, this was just so much fun to read.

Of course, we all know that Kelp isn’t a narwhal, come on, it is that obvious, but that definitely didn’t lessen the enjoyment of the book. As the main point of this book is that Kelp discovers this himself. He needs to discover who he is, and where he will live in the end.

We see him first grow up in the ocean, trying to be like a narwhal, and failing, but he is trying his best and I loved that the narwhal friends didn’t mind him not being one of them. They cared about him. But then something happens and our little Kelp is swept away from his family and friends.

But this is good for him, as he discovers Unicorns. AKA his real family. I had such a laugh at him swimming to the island (and taking ages) and then laughing when he tried to walk (or leapfrog). And then I was smiling as he found out about his family, about what unicorns are and how they act and prance and do all sorts of rainbow stuff.

Given that the book still had some pages I knew this one would just end here, and that made me very happy. I was very happy with what our little Kelp does, what he chooses to do, though it is hard for him. It was quite funny that the narwhal knew already what Kelp was, and they probably thought he took oh so long to figure it out himself. 😛

The ending was just the best part, at first a bit sad, but then came the best solution. Now Kelp has the best of two worlds.

The art? Well, that was one of the two reasons (next to the cover) why I wanted to read this book, and it brought all I hoped and more. Kelp was drawn adorably (with that tiny little helmet), and I loved how everything else was drawn.

All in all, definitely recommended to all. This is just too adorable, sweet, cute, and at times a bit sad.

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