Review for Ride: Competing for the Cup

Review for Ride: Competing for the Cup

It is time to work even harder, the cup is coming and every house wants it!

The second book, and I quite enjoyed it. Sure, I had quite a few issues with several things that happened in this book. From Lady Covington to Anya to Will. But there were also a lot of good things and plus I just flew through this book.

The book starts off pretty exciting and I was quite worried for Rudy. You know the prank the guys pulled with the Guys? Well, they hid them all in the stable, however the stable couldn’t hold it and thus things went to hell. Yup. Horses scared, people hurt. The consequences will definitely come to the guys who did it. Though I have to say I had expected more dire consequences, something like suspension. And yes, the punishment that the boys and Will, especially Will, got were pretty dire, it still felt small compared to the event that happened.

Kit is such a spirited girl, and I really like her and how she never gives up. Even with TK now in total scaredy mode due to what happened at the beginning, she keeps going and is helped out by her friends and a mysterious (well, I knew right away who it was) note writer. She tries her best to figure out TK and his fears. And she even tries her hardest during training, even if it is with Elaine, the mean girl of the school. I also loved her alternative tea time, with bbq, burgers, and more. I am happy that this girl at least tried, even if the response wasn’t so good.
I loved seeing her together with her dad, and I could also understand her sadness/confusion when she saw him have dinner with Sally.

I am also delighted that we finally saw something of a class in this one! That is what I missed in the previous book. This takes place in a boarding school, yet we generally see the kids outside of classes, with the horses, at breakfast/dinner/lunch/tea/etc.. Yes, I don’t need full classes explained, but I would like to see glimpses of them so that the place feels more like a school and less like a fun place with horses.

I still love that the book features such a big cast and that everyone gets to talk. We see Nav, Will, Josh, Anya, Elaine (urggghhhh), Kit, and also Rudy.

I definitely loved how Rudy tried to be there for his daughter, how he even tried talking to Lady Covington, how the tried to protect her.

Will? A bit hit and miss for me. He was quite whiny and grumbly, and I get that he has to do all sorts of things in the barn, but maybe he should also focus on schoolwork? Since that is also important? And I also don’t get his jealousy with Nav and Kit. It is not as if Kit has an interest in Nav. 😛

Lady Covington? Well, let’s say I already hated the woman and her idiocy, but in this one? I just wanted to get rid of the woman. She was terrible, heartless, and a bitch. I am sorry, but it is the truth. I get that she is the headmistress and she has to be a bit strict, but she is completely heartless. Ice cold queen. 😐 Frankly, I don’t get if we get a sobbing back story in the next one, I will never like this woman.

Anya? Well, I normally love that girl, she is one of my favourites, but the crap she pulled in this one? Her total lack of common sense or knowledge on how to communicate? It just frustrated me to no end. Kit doesn’t care that you may be a princess, you should know this by now, and you should also understand that OF COURSE she is hurt. Friends tell each other stuff, and she also gave away her whole past to you in the beginning. She trusted you, and instead of trusting her, you lied.
And then when Elaine starts to like you for the princess stuff, you just don’t get it in your head she is doing this for certain reasons. Dear Lord, I would think that anyone would find it suspicious if the meanest girl in the entire school acts all cuddly all the sudden.
Lastly, and I will put this under spoilers. She just effing leaves the school over one girl who sees her as a princess and only that, while her best friend is still unhappy about things? I am still not sure how many people are in the school (in my opinion maybe 10/15 (sorry, but that is how it feels to me, I am always amazed when there is talk about other girls and then there is some name throwing around)), but one girl liked you for being a princess and that is reason for you to leave? What the hell. I get that you are hurt by what happened in the past, but this is just bullpoop.

Also how the adults reacted to their seating plan? Dear heavens. snorts Like they were 10 year old again. 😛

The competition? Well, I knew from the moment that horse shoe disappeared what would happen. Duh, I have seen it happen in other books as well. And we could also see what happens when you push a girl and a horse to a competition when they are not ready. 😐 The rest of the competition was quite interesting.

The ending? Lord in all heavens, I already HATED Lady Covington but the crap she pulled now? Sorry, but lady you have gone too far. I totally agree with the dad, how could she do that. And why is she so pissed at Kit for not being able to do it. Hello, everyone told you they weren’t ready. They weren’t going to be ready for some time. You can’t force someone to just ride a horse. Especially when that horse is TK. And you can’t just go all (after the competition); “It was dangerous.” Um, no shit, but hello, you were the one enforcing that rigid schedule. So yeah, Lady C. can just drown in a giant puddle of tea. 😐

All in all, I am very much curious about the next book and how it will continue. Just a few months to go, I can wait, right?
And while this book had some issues, I still would recommend it as it was still a fun read! You will definitely not be bored.

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