Review for St. Grizzle’s School for Girls, Geeks and Tag-along Zombies

Review for St. Grizzle’s School for Girls, Geeks and Tag-along Zombies

It is time for another week at St. Grizzles, what will happen this time? Well, a lot of chaos, friendship, new people, and more!

I was very much excited, I just adore this series. It is hilarious, over the top, but also contains some serious topics. Like in this one the addition of a new student, Boudicca, and the disappearance/no replying of Dani’s best friend, Arch (which then also leads to another serious topic).

It was fun to see that Dani is getting more and more happy with St. Grizzle’s and that she is getting more familiar with all the kids there (though I guess the name plates also helped with that). I did feel sorry for her, she was so concerned about Arch, and just wanted him to answer his replies. I keep rooting for her to be able to talk/get a reply from Arch again.
I loved how she kept trying to be friends with Boudicca, tried to help her out when needed. Even if she at times just didn’t want to or wasn’t sure what she had to do.
And of course there are tons of times she had all sorts of fun ideas for videos, or she saw several spots that would make a good spot for x/y scene.

I am not too sure what I thought about Boudicca. Until we learned more I was just frustrated with her attitude. Yes, the newts are a bit noisy, and may seem chaotic, but they do mean it all in a happy/kind way. Everyone tried to help her but she stayed mum (or whispered a bit). Nothing helped. It wasn’t until later that we see what is going on and then I did feel sorry for her. Poor thing. I can imagine that she may act the way she did. I just wish we had knew about it earlier. It was pretty sweet to see her get attached to Arch so much. She was his own little fanclub.

Arch, I was worried about him, but also why he was so cold towards Dani all of the sudden. We later find out what is going on and why he is acting all eh about things. I had a bit of a laugh at how he kept trying to be with Dani all the time, but then other kids also wanted her attention. Though I have to say his jealousy eventually reached a peak and I just wanted to shake him. Especially with how he acted. Boy, please, she just forgot. She is just not used to having you around, and she is used to making plans with her OTHER FRIENDS. Thankfully, later it all settled and I was very happy with what happened.

Sure, I am still wondering what these kids are actually learning in school and if it all fits with what they are supposed to learn at a more serious school. I may hope, for the children, that they are getting well prepared for what is still to come. I am happy to see that, while the newts still run around muddy, they also show that they can be clean, have everything around them neat and tidy.

There were tons of hilarious things happening in this book, the dog running off with stuff, the goat trying to eat everything, the lessons.

Plus I am very delighted that Dani’s granny is still there and helping out. She definitely improved a ton of things at St. Grizzle’s. From food to clothes to making sure the kids are all at one place.

And then there are the delightful illustrations by Becka Moor which make reading this book even more of a treat!

All in all, I need more St. Grizzle’s and I can’t wait to see what the next book will bring!

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