Review for The Adventures of Egg Box Dragon

Review for The Adventures of Egg Box Dragon

When a girl makes a dragon and hears about a magical way to give him life, of course she goes for it!

First a thank you to my boyfriend for reading this one to/for me when I felt absolute crappy yesterday (I somehow managed a manga and another picture book, but this one was just a step too far it seems).

I am so happy that Library #2 is finally adding some more English book to its very meagre collection. This one was one of the latest additions and I just needed to read it. I love dragons, I love picture books, I love books with magic.

This was a fun and magical book about a girl who made her own dragon out of all sorts of materials (eggboxes, reflectors, anything really). At first she is pretty satisfied with her dragon being as he is, but then she hears about a special thing that one can do to bring life into those without life.

Of course our girl immediately goes to try it out (who wouldn’t, I would have done the same if I had the chance). And it works! After that they have tons of adventures as it seems our dragon can find everyone’s missing stuff. I quite liked that part. A detective-ish dragon? How fun! It was quite nice that he seemed to gain more popularity with each found item. Even the queen heard of our tiny dragon!

The only thing I didn’t like was the ending. It just felt like there were pages missing out of my book. That is how it ends? With a hedge and a hole? Wow. I had a few things I expected but none of them was this lacklustre.

The art was quite nice, but then again, it was to be expected with Alex T. Smith drawing them. He sure draws nice eggbox dragons.

All in all, a pretty nice read, just a shame about the ending. If that was different, or if the book was given a few more pages I would have rated it higher.

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