Review for The Doughnut Fix

Review for The Doughnut Fix

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

So, I have eaten my nommy dougnut I am ready to write my review! After a bumpy start, I fell in love with this book and I had a lot of fun reading it. Though I definitely got hungry because of it. 😛

Tris/Jax was a fun character, and I was delighted how sweet he was (well, mostly, but then again, siblings don’t always go well together) to his sisters. Even later when he had to babysit Zoe on an important day he did it with love (and some threats that she didn’t get any doughnuts or fairy dust). Plus he was such a fun character, I loved his project and how dedicated he was to making it work. How he made a plan, found suppliers, bribed the lady to give the recipe (with chocolate cake), talked with her, and more. Often a character may give up, but this guy? He just kept going even when it wasn’t easy or when he got angry at his plan having faults.
I felt sorry for him and how his friendship with Charlie went and ended. I saw it from the beginning that their friendship was breaking, but it still broke my heart. It mustn’t be easy for him, and at first he seemed to be denying that it was happening, but thankfully he later saw that he should just give up. Sometimes that is the best one can do.
It was very fun to see him get used to the tiny village and his new home.

I was a bit worried about Jeanine. I am generally not a fan of overly smart girls. Not because they are smart, oh no, not at all, I am delighted with smart characters. But sadly, most smart characters are also obnoxious, will keep on proving their point, will correct people even when they don’t want to be corrected, and do I need to go on? While Jeanine had a few moments that had me frown, I mostly really liked her, and she did some really nice things for her brother. I just adored it when she started climbing trees following some sort of formula. 😛

Zoe, the little sister, again, like Jeanine I was wondering if I would like the girl. Sometimes little sisters can be annoying, but in fact I was mostly laughing at Zoe and her antics. She is a headstrong little girl.

I am not too sure how I felt about the parents not really giving the kids a choice in moving. They just told them they have a new home, and good luck with that. I get that the parents have the final say in these matters, but I did feel it was a bit weird they didn’t tell the kids anything and just bought the house. And then later that they didn’t let the kids go to school. I get that they have reasons for it, but I found it a bit silly. Especially for someone like Jeanine, she is already missing the special classes, and then you tell her no school, but she can do a project? Why not have some special program for her so she can keep on studying without going bonkers about it.
Plus that they didn’t see that their kids weren’t happy. Sorry, if my kids are walking around like zombies, and my littlest one is biting people or doing all sorts of other stuff? I would definitely not ignore it and talk with them, or try to help them out.
Plus what was up with the dad? He was kind of weird at times.

I was a bit confused why Tris kept switching between Jax and Tris. Later I got that he had two names, but why does he go between them? I have 3 first names myself and sorry, I only use the one that is first.

I would have loved to see what recipes would be included at the end, chocolate cream doughnut? Please? Or something else delicious? Like those lava cakes? Please?

The ending was fabulous, yay for Tris and Josh!

All in all, this book was oh so much fun, and I was so happy for Tris, that he found a place to belong, and not only that, but he also found a good friend (and not a crappy one like Charlie), and he now has a business with all sorts of yummy treats (and thanks to his sister he can sell other things as well). I would definitely recommend this book to everyone! Though be warned, you may get hungry because of all the doughnut and food talk (Tris is not the only one making food, his mom is also cooking for her new restaurant).

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