Review for The Fandom

Review for The Fandom

I had so many hopes that this one would be great… sadly, my hopes were dashed.

First I want to thank my boyfriend for buying this book when I was totally hyped for it. Sorry hun, I just didn’t like this one. 🙁 For many reasons. As you can imagine with that rating, it isn’t going to be staying in my bookshelves. 🙁

This review will be chaotic, but I will do my best to write a review.

So let’s start with that the book did start off great, really, that is why I wanted this book. The amazing first few chapters. The chapters that pulled me in the story. Sadly, quite soon after those chapters the story starts to lose me and starts to make me dislike the characters.

The idea was really great. The idea that you could just be transported to a world like this. And that it is up to you to save the world (and yourself and your friends) was really interesting. I know a few worlds that I would like to visit if it was possible. The idea that our group has to help the story along because they, accidentally, killed the MC, was fun and I was looking forward to seeing them play the story and fix things right. But sadly, the story just wasn’t interesting, I was frustrated with ALL the characters (especially Nate and Alice) and I just got tired from Violet’s constant going on and on about the story and how it differs or how it should have gone or how it should be x and y happening now or… well you get the idea. I would rather have seen the story unfold on its own, without annoying commentary.

The characters. Well, Violet was not really my fav, but she was definitely not the worst character. I did like how dedicated she was to the story and the world. I loved seeing her fall in love with Ash. I loved her protection of her brother (though at times it was a bit too much in my opinion, especially since it didn’t help that the boy didn’t feel his age already and this made him much younger (not to mention the descriptions of him having a tiny body).

I have to say I did like Katie more, though sadly she doesn’t get much screentime. But when she does I just adored her to bits. She was just so delightful and I loved that she doesn’t care about having a filter up when she talks.

Alice. BOyyyyyyyyyy, I disliked that girl so so much. Not only because her actions (nice going there girl, don’t you want to go home? Don’t you want to go back to your family? Ever thought about your friends? Oh no, you just saw the right opportunity and didn’t care a crap about anything, rihgt?), but also how she acts and how she treats her friends. But hey, we could have seen the ending coming, right? sighs I could go on about her for a bit longer, but I just don’t want to waste more time about her.

Nate. Supposedly 14 going on 15, but he felt more like 4/5 going on 5/6. He was just so annoying and I just didn’t like how he kept butting in, making the wrong remarks in the wrong times, how he didn’t get that this was a serious situation (he was way too excited in the wrong spots). How he spoke. Everything. And again, it didn’t help that his sister was so coddling.

I got REAL tired of the constant comparing of the world with the book, the movie, or Violet’s imagination (yes, really). Canon or not canon. I get that for our girls it is as if they are living in the universe from the books/movies (or is it the other way around?), and that the story unfolds the same-ish way, but do you have to keep telling us all the time? Can’t you just shut up about it for one second (or more)?

Are there no other kick-ass girls in the world next to Katniss or Tris? They keep going on and on about those two during moments they need some kick-assness.

Plot hole time (or at least it felt like that for me)! I will put this under spoiler. So when Violet meets the President and finds out that he knows everything due to this being a loop, and probably most Gems as well due to their memory being so flawless *coughs and snorts*. She asks him about Nate, since Nate has died in this universe. The president then tells her that because he ISN’T from this universe which is cyclical he is dead dead and won’t revive when the loop resets. However a few pages later: “That is correct. It is the only way the four of you will awaken in your world.” But since Nate is dead dead, shouldn’t it be the three of you (Katie, Alice, and Violet) instead? Confusing!!! Then again I have to say that there would be little possibility of them going back with Nate since they… burned him. But at the hospital apparently he was still alive, just in an eternal coma. But I guess that writing his story again will revive him or some kind of crap like that. *rolls eyes*

On that point, my brain definitely wasn’t amused with the whole explanation and it made the book seem even more ridiculous than it already was. It was already weird and unbelievable and then that happens. Sure.

I did like that the author showed us that maybe not everything is as it seems and gives us a glimpse in what is really going on with the girls/Nate. When we saw it at first I just thought our girl was going craycray, but then it happened more and I just knew something was up, and quickly also figured out what was going on.

Something I also saw in other reviews and that I agree with. How are these girls friends? I get the friendship between Katie and Violet, but how are these two friends with Alice? They keep bitching about her any time they can (and sometimes I did agree with them) and they seemed to really dislike her a lot and how she flaunted around with her body and how perfect she was and how sexy she was and how she always stole the guys and how she did x and y and that kept going on and on. It was just ridiculous.

The gems x imps stuff was pretty interesting though it also broke my heart that the imps were mistreated so much. No one deserves that.

That it mostly took place in a broken down London was an interesting idea, but it didn’t feel like London. Yeah, sure there was some name dropping of famous buildings and the river Thames, but other than that it could have taken place in any city. It just didn’t feel like I was walking/running through London.

Ash x Violet? Well, at first I wasn’t that interested in that romance, as I was looking forward to the Willow x Violet/Rose scene more. Plus I just didn’t trust Ash that easily until much later. And as soon as certain scenes proved disappointing, and I saw Ash x Violet even better, I began shipping these two. Of course I knew, and this no spoiler come on, that this would be heartbreaking.

The ending? Well I am happy what they did, but it did feel a bit odd and rushed. There is this build-up to them getting back to the world and then poof a few pages later and it is over.

Well I could probably rant about this book a long long time, but I don’t want to waste more time on this, and just start a new book.

I will rate it two stars because at times there were parts that I liked, the idea of imp/gems was fun, plus Ash x Violet = love (well eventually).

2 thoughts on “Review for The Fandom

  1. Dear Mehsi, thank you so kindly for putting this book in your public library outside. The cover smiled at me from a distance and as I read in your own introduction I am as much as a sucker for covers as you are. I appreciate your Xmas wishes in the book. I also included Xmas cards in the books added to the public box in my street. Sorry to read your 2 star rating, I’m at Ch 8 now and still ok. I’ll read your full review some other time. Let’s just see.

    It is hard to let go of your best books, I know. That is also the reason why I am very selective bringing books back home; these orphan books are not always the best stories ever. On the other hand: when I do come across one of my best books ever in the Recycle centre I buy it just to put it in a public library……. How do you go about this? Tnxs anyway for the reading challenge; may we enjoy as many worlds for as long as possible. Greetings from blue-white–city HdG str 71. Anne-Marie.

    1. Hello Anne-Marie, you’re very welcome! I am happy the cover smiled at you, my putting books cover first did the trick. 🙂 Delighted to meet you, fellow cover-lover! Thank you, it was some work to do, but I am happy I added those Xmas wishes. How nice that I am not the only one spreading some Xmas joy with cards and books.

      Yeah, I am still quite saddened by the 2 stars I gave this book. It was one of my most anticipated books. 🙁 I hope you enjoy the book/are still enjoying the book while I type this message.

      It is indeed hard to let go of best books, I barely do it myself, the most I will put out in the world is my 4 stars or lower books, I just can’t let go of my favourite book babies. I am also very selective at what I take with me, though I did find some fun books that I enjoyed over the years of checking out those minilibraries. The hardest part is finding English books
      If I would ever come across my favourite/best books in a recycle centre, yes, I would buy it and put it in one of the libraries out in the wild, just to share my love for that book and hope I make someone else a fan as well. But yeah, finding English books, and then especially my favourites isn’t the easiest in a country with Dutch as main language. Generally the English books I find are either Harry Potter (while nice and fabulous, I am sure people have seen those books too many times already), Stephen King (eh), or other popular books/authors.

      You’re welcome! And thank you for bringing my book home, I am glad that it found someone in these cold days. 🙂

      Greetings from Mehsi

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