Review for The Secret Loves of Geeks

Review for The Secret Loves of Geeks

A new anthology is here, sadly, I have to say it isn’t as good as the previous book. 🙁

I was definitely excited when I saw there would be another Geek book coming out, I quite liked the previous one, and so I was looking forward to this one. And I finally had the chance to order it at Amazon, and yesterday (and today) I had the chance to read it. Sadly, I have to say I am quite disappointed with the book.

Not only is it shorter by quite a bit, there are less comics (my favourite part in the previous anthology) and there is just too many essays/short stories (my least favourite part in the previous anthology). Not only that, but the comics were more miss than hit for me this time. I had a few that made me very happy or had me nodding along in agreement, but some of them were just bland/not for me.

The stories/essays quite often were just not my cup of tea. This was also the case in the previous book, but I feel that it was even more in dislike in this book. Sure, some were really good and I enjoyed them (Cosplay, We will never be back here again, 50 weirdest things, Immortal Love), but with most of the stories I found myself bored or just not interested. I still tried to read them as I do want to give them a chance.

As I also heard others say and I totally agree, it just felt way less geeky/nerdy than the previous book. And I miss that.

I also didn’t really find much recognition in the stories, something I had while reading the previous book. 🙁

So yeah, I think this one will have to go on the to-be-donated-stack in my home, and that I will have to check previews and reviews before I buy another book should there be a new one.

I will give it a 2.5 stars. There were still stories and comics I enjoyed. Plus I have to give points for the cat-tastic cover this book has.

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