Review for Where Am I Meow?

Review for Where Am I Meow?

Neko Atsume fans gather, you all need this super mega adorable book. It is glittery, shiny, and it has stickers, and CATSSSSSS!

I have been a big fan of Neko Atsume, though I really should get it back on my new phone, thanks to this book I really miss the kitties and getting new stuff for them. Imagine my delight when I found out that Viz would be publishing this book, of course I had to have it.

And the book is just gorgeous. The book is split up in various chapters/parts. For instance the first chapter is all about those cute stickers that you find in the back of the book. There are a few cats already, but it up to you to put more kitties on these pages. You can use those to stick the kitties in their right spots. There is a Happy Holidays chapter that features tons of adorable holiday stuff, and in which you can find certain kitties. The Rare Kitties also get a chapter and I definitely loved seeing those rare kitties in so many forms (you have to find the real one).

In case you are like me, and have forgotten the names or how the kitties look and are stumped during some of the search for this kitty parts, no worries! The book also features a big chapter on all the kitties that are in the game (with pictures) + characteristics, personalities, and more. So you flip back and check who Gozer or Mack were again.

And of course, since most of the book features puzzles (all kinds of search puzzles), there are answers at the end of the book.

And as I said, there are stickers. You can use them for that first chapter, or you can just stick them to every surface around you. 😛 The stickers are on a clear background, thus you will only have the kitty/items and not some white filling. The quality of the stickers is also perfect, and I will definitely be sticking a few of the kitties on the border of my PC screen. <3

I thought the cover of this book would just be ordinary yellow, but it is in fact shiny and glittery. I just can’t stop moving the book around to catch the shininess and see the glitters sparkle.

All in all, a very very big recommendation. Neko Atsume fans you will definitely LOVE this book, and I am sure that this one can be used to convince others of the mega-adorableness of Neko Atsume (more souls for the kitties, muahahha).

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