Review for Witch for a Week

Review for Witch for a Week

A delightful, magical book with a fabulous main character who will definitely be a witch one day (and not just for a week).

This was just a book I had to try out when one of my library’s added it to its collection. I have to say I was first and foremost pulled in by the art. I just adore Ashley King’s art, and this one seemed to be full of them. But after reading this one, I have to say the story and the characters also captured me.

Meet Elsie Pickles, she lives in a tiny village and her life is pretty OK. Sure, it could be better especially since business for her family’s shop isn’t doing well, she has to share a tiny space with three brothers. But she is in for a lucky break when the local witch needs someone to babysit her house. Elsie is intrigued, especially when she hears about the rewards. The blue shoes she so desperately wants and a ton of gold (which will make her family happy). Plus she can read all she want (there are tons of books at the witch’s house) and she will have no one who will bother her.
I just adored Elsie, and I loved her even more when she started to watch the house and all the things she did there. She was just so smart and grown-up. I loved how she applied the rules for customer service to everything that happened and how she handled people. 😛
Plus then there was the whole learning magic part. Yep, as the cover already shows this girl is going to try out magic. Sure, she is hesitant at first about it, but quickly finds out it is quite fun and there are lots of interesting spells (my favourite is the tea in a cup one).

Corbett, it took me a bit to get used to him and his attitude, but eventually I saw he was just a big softie and quite nice. He became one of my favourite characters.

I am not sure how I feel about Aggie, no I am not going to be calling her by her special name. She was just quite annoying and kept whining and crying. Really, girl. The boy is just not interested in you, only in his precious shiny hair. Plus come on, the things she tried were just weird and slightly eh. I also didn’t like how she pushed Elsie to make a love potion for her, but then didn’t dare to do anything with it.

The Howler Sisters… well, we don’t see them a lot, though we do hear that they steal stuff (for no reason) and don’t get the hint that they should stay away.

We don’t see a lot of the witch (duh as she is on a trip to her sister), but when we see her I do like her, even if she is a bit grumpy. 😛 She means well and I love how she was with Elsie. I hope that she will be able to learn Elsie even more magic in the next book.

Oh, and let’s not forget Nuisance, who, despite his name, wasn’t not such a big nuisance at all. In fact he was adorable and sweet and protective.

I just loved reading about Elsie’s week in the tower and all the things she experienced. It was sure a week she won’t forget.

And of course the art was just fabulous. I just loved the characters design, the potions, the spells. It was all drawn very fun and magically.

All in all, I can’t wait for the next book to be released, I will be buying it this time (just like I will be adding this book to my collection).

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