Introducing: My New and Improved Review Archive

Introducing: My New and Improved Review Archive

Hi all,

As you may have noticed/or read the news post, I have been working on my review archives. I thought it would take a bit longer to have them all fixed, but 3 days later and I am all done!

Starting officially today, my English review archives are now split in categories, and most have separate A-Z pages. Only Other and Non-fiction are getting all the A-Z on one page as they aren’t that big.

I decided to change my review archives because at the moment I have 3192 (!!!!!) reviews on my blog. It became quite cluttered to have them all just in alphabet, plus my browsers (when updating I am either using FF or Chrome) almost died (or died) a few times while updating.

I will also post this on the Other page, but the Other category will mostly contain books that are for Adult/New-Adult.

Hope you will enjoy the way my review archive is set up now. And thanks for your patience while I was working on getting everything in the right places. 😘

Edit 15-5: I have also updated my Dutch review archives! These are set up the same way as the English Non-fiction and Other categories. Since I only have about 583 reviews in Dutch. Maybe one day I will add A-Z separate pages should that be needed. 🙂

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