Library Haul 12-5-2018

Library Haul 12-5-2018

Evening all,

A fantastic weekend to all! It is Saturday, and what a great day it has been so far. Sun, lovely warm weather, books/library. And in just an hour and a half Eurovision! cheers

So today’s Library trip was pretty fun as I didn’t have many reservations. Only 3 this time, it would have been 5, but apparently transportation between library branches is slow these days. But that meant I could wander around the library and see if I could discover some new books to read. And I did. I found a photography book about Rotterdam, a new comic series (Voetbalgek!), and some other books. I also decided to re-read one of the Thea Sisters books, namely the one about the crime on the Orient Express.

Stats; 9 books. 5 Non-fiction, 2 comics, 2 fiction.

111 x Daphne by Daphne Deckers
De dikke van Daphne by Daphne Deckers
Diefstal op de Oriënt Express by Thea Stilton
Verknipt by Laurenz Mol
SUP in Nederland by Mobene Dekker, Marije den Breems
L’a Parisienne Look Book by Ines De La Fressange
Voetbalgek! Deel 4 by Beka, Oliver Saive
Voetbalgek! Deel 6 by Beka, Oliver Saive
24/7 Rotterdamse Loodsen by Karen Auer

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