Library Haul 15-5-2018

Library Haul 15-5-2018


Today was already an amazing day, but it became even more amazing when I went to the library. I had spotted some new books on their catalogue and was already resigned to not finding any of them. But behold! There were new books! It feels like the one who does all the new releases suddenly came back and went through 2 or so weeks worth of new books. 😛

So instead of wandering around through the library for a while, I was done in 10-ish minutes. I swooped in, was amazed, grabbed all the books, and then practically danced out again.

I am also very happy that they had Het Muizenhuis – Haven. I saw that book at one of my bookstores, they had made a gorgeous display window with figures, a scale model of what you see on the cover, and more. I just wanted to read the book so badly, so thank you Library #4 for having it in as one of your new books. ❤

Stats; 7 books. 1 comic, 2 picture books, 4 fiction.

Zach King: Mijn magische leven by Zach King
Syntopia by Tanja de Jonge
Hazels pentakel by Marte Jongbloed
Voetbalgek! Deel 5 by BéKa, Oliver Saive
Bofferdje by Jeska Verstegen
Bij Kas in de klas by Pauline Oud
Het muizenhuis – De haven by Karina Schaapman

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