Library Haul 22-5-2018

Library Haul 22-5-2018

Hi everyone,

So today’s Library visit was a bit different from normal. I had a small little tag-along this time. My dwarf hamster! She had an appointment at the vet because she wasn’t feeling too well (apparently she has an infection in her body and she has medicines now). Since Library #4 is only 5 minutes from the vet’s I decided to bring my sweetie along, not that she is noticing it as she immediately dug a hole in the bedding of her travel case and went to sleep.

I knew at Library #4 I wouldn’t find any new books, I had checked the catalogue and they didn’t have anything new, but I was still hoping for some books. And I did! I found 5 books to read, 2 picture books, 2 comics, and a cute non-fiction book (and I normally don’t really like insects that much).

Junior & Co: Voetbalgek by Uco Egmond, Joeri Donsu
Voetbalgek! deel 13 by Olivier Sulpice Christophe Cazenove
De grot van Bruine Beer by Yuval Zommer
Saar in de zomer by Pauline Oud
Heel bijzondere beestjes by Yuval Zommer

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