Library Haul 26-5-2018

Library Haul 26-5-2018


Happy weekend everyone, may your weather be as awesome as it is here. I am normally already eager to go to the library, but with this gorgeous weather, I am extra eager. 🙂

I had 7 reservations waiting for me at the library, and since I still had 1 at home, I could search for 7 more books to bring with me. So I wandered around the library for a bit, checking various places and slowly the stack in my arms grew and grew, until the moment I had 7 books. Then it was time to go to reservation shelves and pick up my reservations.

Sorry, keeping it short today, even if I love the weather, it does tire me out as it is also quite oppressive.

Oh, and I still have to add some books to Goodreads, but I wasn’t motivated to add more than 5 out of 9 missing books. 😛

Kruip nooit achter een geranium by Barbara van Beukering
Fuck die rimpels! by Monika Bittl, Silke Neumayer
Kepler62: de uitnodiging by Timo Parvela
Een Duits leven by Brunhild Pomsel, Thore D. Hansen
Mag ik je Omi noemen by Nathalie van den Thillart
Zo moe en toch klaarwakker by Susanne Strasser
Mmmonsters by Tobias Krejtschi
Speurneus Ping en de kauwgumdief by Christian Seltmann
De gouden ster by Rebecca Patterson, Mary Rees
Wij samen op pad by Leo Timmers, Jean Reidy, Bart Moeyaert
Dino’s 2 by Arnaud Plumeri
Familie Piraat 1 by Fabrice Parme
Voetbalgek! 7 by Oliver Saive, Oliver Sulpice
Het land van onze grootouders by Ko van Gemeert

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