Library Haul 29-5-2018

Library Haul 29-5-2018


Welcome to the last Library Haul for May, where did the month go? Today was such a superfun day. Since I had the afternoon free I decided to head the Library #4’s other branch, 45-ish minutes on bicycle from my home. It is the first time going there on bicycle, but since I now have an electric bike I felt up to trying out if I would be able to go so far (normally I would get tired from small distances). Plus the weather was just amazing, so how could I resist.

After a bit of puzzling and using the not-so-handy Google Maps I found my way to the library (also mostly thanks to my boyfriend and I riding there on the motorcycle last summer, I recognised several points and that helped me with finding the way). Next time though… I will take a different route, probably the same one I took home. I am not sure what Google Maps thought, but their route was at points way to complex and I had trouble figuring out where to go.

Library #4’s other branch is a nice library, bigger than the branch I always go to. I had lots of fun wandering around the library, plus I could cool down a bit as they have A/C. In the end I found several new books, including some that only that branch has. But I just checked, and it seems I brought one book with me that I already read. Stupid Goodreads and not showing it as existing on their app. 🙁 Oh well, next time I should trust my gut/instinct a bit more.

I will definitely go to this branch again, not sure when, but soon. Sure it was tiring (I will definitely sleep like Sleeping Beauty tonight).

Stats: 8 books. 5 non-fiction, 3 fiction.

Anorexia, de duivel op mijn schouder by Marieke de Winter
The Inexplicable Logic of My Life by Benjamin Alire Sáenz
Hazelwoud by Melissa Albert
De Engelse Rozen by Madonna
Vogels op reis by Fleur Daugey, Sandrine Thommen
Wild van katten by Owen Davey
Wie heeft het gedaan? by Ana Gallo
De grootste toren, de kleinste ster by Kate Baker, Page Tsou

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