Library Haul 7-5-2018

Library Haul 7-5-2018

Hi everyone,

Today was such a beautiful day that I made sure I was done with almost everything early in the afternoon. This way I could visit Library #4 and have a nice walk as well.

I also spotted several new books on their site, so I was even more enthusiastic. Sadly, the new books were once again not there, not sure what is going on, but it seems new releases are either not being put in the library or they are all missing/misplaced. 🙁 I did talk to one librarian to ask about one of the new books (one of my most anticipated new releases) when I didn’t manage to find it, and both she and another librarian went on a search for it. In the end they decided that they would call me if they found it. I gave my phone number, and then I went to search for some books. I found 4 books, including one that I am very excited about: a new Theater Popcorn book! Oh, and you may recognise one of the books, Borealis. I did get that one from Library #2 two weeks ago, but the book was so disgusting (unknown smudges all over the book and various other stains I don’t want to know what they are) that I gave up after a few pages (even if the story was good). Today I spotted it at Library #4, they had a very clean copy (it was almost like new). Another chance to read that one!

Then it was time to leave with those 4 books and go for a walk. It wasn’t until I had been home for about an hour that I got a phone call from the library. They had found the book! While I was a bit tired from my almost 2 hour walk, I hopped on my bike to get that book. And then instead of going home again, I walked through the library and found 2 more books. I know, I am terrible. 😛

So, it was a fabulous day filled with books! My book haul was amazing. cheers

Stats: 7 books. All of them fiction.

Spoken in de stal by Ruth Gellersen, Melanie Brockamp
Mist by Rom Molemaker
Borealis by Marloes Morshuis
Theater Popcorn uit de brand by Monique van der Zanden, Heleen Brulot
Dex Durfal: De Schedel van Kristal by Lida Dijkstra
De sprookjessprokkelaar by Paul van Loon, Laurentien van Oranje
Twinkel by Katharine Holabird, Sarah Warburton

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