Review for Attack of the Demon Dinner Ladies

Review for Attack of the Demon Dinner Ladies

Sadly, not as good or fun as the previous one. It was quite a struggle to get through this one.

Where I quite loved the previous one and the antics the kids went through and also their imagination, in this one I actually disliked the kids and how hurtful they were against Amy, the dinner ladies. How far their imagination went to even think that these women were evil, that they were demons. That they would do ANYTHING, even accuse the dinner lady of poisoning (instead of thinking it is an allergy to avocado or whatever else was in that mix that Jodi’s mum put on her face). Really, imagination is nice, but if you see conspiracies everywhere, maybe you should just see a doctor. They really hurt a few people here, and I was just so sad for Amy and her mum/the dinner ladies. They did their best to make something new and special. And really, is it so weird for people to wear those hats or goggles. Do you want hairs and such in your water or food? Um, eww, no.

Sure, maybe the school could have done a bit more education or a lesson on the new food stuff and what they meant so that everyone knew what to expect. Then again, the kids could have easily asked what was in the water or what all the fancy food was meant to be. They have mouths, they can ask. 😐

Like with the other book I knew quite fast what was going on, that this was just a case of, as we say in Dutch: “Wat de boer niet kent dat vreet hij niet”. And that maybe these kids should learn to see the difference between reality and FANTASY.

Also, I suddenly understand why Maisie is the way she is. With a mom like that? Poor Maisie, I hope that she doesn’t end up to be like her mom.

So yeah, interesting idea, but I was just mostly frustrated with the crap these kids did and how far they went. Quite disappointed as I bought this book and I now wish I hadn’t. sighs and waves bye bye to the 9 euros the book has cost her

I may be buying the other books that are still left in this series, as I loved the two other books that I read. But for now it has to wait. I would rather not spend another 9 euros on another book and be disappointed again.

2 stars in the end for the title, the cover, the illustrations, and the idea of demon dinner ladies.

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