Review for Beach Party Surf Monkey

Review for Beach Party Surf Monkey

Welcome to Wonderland, a lovely motel with some crazy stuff, and now even crazier movie madness!

I really loved the first book, and then forgot to check if there were more books. Imagine my happiness when I found out there is a second book, and that a third book is on its way! Yippee!

This time not so many tours, but don’t worry, there will be enough P.T. patented tall tales of epicness that get more awesome each time that it is told. Yup. I had such a laugh at the imagination of this little guy. Plus instead of tours we get something even more awesome, namely a movie. Yep, P.T. and his friend Gloria manage to get the attention to Wonderland for a brand-new movie featuring several famous people. Like Kevin the Monkey, or Cassie McGinty.

Because Wonderland is still in trouble. And it doesn’t help that there is a new hotel next door, The Conch Reef Resort taking a lot of their customers. So I loved that instead of tours and P.T. and Gloria trying to get people to buy expensive stuff, we have a movie! But you can imagine that movies aren’t made in one night and that they don’t always go without a hitch. And that is what happens in this one. A lot of things go wrong, like the fact that superstar Aidan can’t act for life (not to mention having a horrible personality and him arguing about everything), Veronica (daughter of Mr. Conch, yes, that Mr. Conch) is trying to sabotage the movie. You can imagine that P.T. and Gloria work overtime to make sure everything goes well in the end.

I loved reading about the movie, though I have to say the parts leading up to that were also super fun to read. P.T. really had some amazing ideas for tours, and I am just loving it. I would definitely be buying stuff even though I perfectly well know it is all a scam. I would come for the story and see what the kid is up to this time, because I know P.T. will make a show out of it.
But the movie was definitely my favourite. Seeing several scenes from the movie, like P.T. cannonballing (fun at first, but dang, his butt must have been red and blue in the end), the kids singing, even Aidan’s acting because it was funny to see, and of course Kevin. I just adored Kevin and loved how smart he was. How he did all those tricks without a hitch (Aidan, you can learn something from that :P).
I was quite worried about the movie, especially after certain events happened. Would everything turn out all right? Can you really substitute a pig for a monkey?

I am also still shipping P.T.’s mom and Gloria’s dad together. I really hope those two will go on a date soon, and maybe get together. They are so adorable together. swoons

Veronica was just a pest. Now that I read the book I get why she did all of it, but still, girl, just talk to your daddy. I am sure that he will understand or at least get that maybe it isn’t fun that he keeps praising someone else and doesn’t give you more attention. I also found her quite mean with how she kept stealing P.T.’s ideas. Make up your own girl, this is just pathetic.

Then there is Aidan. I have to be honest and say that I quite liked him before the movie started. But with the movie, and all the crap he pulled? All the arguments? How he thought he was so awesome? How he whined about the tiniest things? Boy, grow up. Eventually people will notice this, and eventually your fans will see your true side. Either change your attitude or be prepared to sink.

Mr. Conch and how he constantly was trying to have P.T.’s mom to sell the hotel, bleh! Even advertising that he was going to expand, and going so far to get on Wonderland’s property and just make plans. It was just disgusting. I get that he wants the land, but I am sure there are nicer, friendlier, and better ways to treat people.

I was constantly worried for Wonderland, it was getting to the point that I almost wanted to skip ahead to the end and see what would happen. Yes, I know there is a third book coming, so it would be fine, but I just had to make sure. I hope that with the movie coming out that things will look better for the motel. Hopefully they can go on for a few years more without too much trouble.

Oh and bonus points to Mrs. Frumpkes. Whereas her son is a grumpy old man, she is a fun lady and I loved how she just dragged her son with her to that tour P.T. and Gloria had made because of the movie.

Of course the book is also illustrated and I just ADORE them. They match so well with the story and they capture the characters perfectly. P.T. aloof and silly but with a certain charm, Gloria awesome and kick-ass. And that monkey, Kevin, was just the most adorable thing. <3

The ending was pretty exciting, I loved P.T.’s plan. How he does it, that kid is amazing. He knows how to make a story about anything and also instantly make it a hit with everyone around him. He manages to make people believe it. They want to spend money because of him.
I am happy how several things were resolved, from the movie to the Cassie situation.

So all in all, I think I have said all I wanted to say, just this one last thing: I loved this one, and I would highly recommend it to everyone looking for a fun book with movies, motels, silliness, tall tales, and monkeys!

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