Review for Dad 1: Daddy’s Girls

Review for Dad 1: Daddy’s Girls

I received this comic from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

When I saw the book on Netgalley I just had to check it out, and then I read the blurb and wanted the book even more. This comic is all about a single dad. He has 4 girls to take care of ranging from almost adult to baby. As you can imagine, no easy task.

This comic chronicles the lives of this single dad and all he does in a day. From going outside with his youngest and play in the the park to comforting his second-oldest when she has love problems (though you should never read someone’s diary). It was just fabulous see him do so many things for his kids. I had a laugh so many times (like when Bella burped all over her sister and dad didn’t notice, or when he first read to the baby and then ended up reading to all of his girls (yes, even the oldest)). He is just such a fun, kind dad.

I am curious about the girl’s mothers. We see Panda/Pandora’s mom around, twice during the now-time, and one longer comic taking place in the past (when we find out that she didn’t want custody of her kid due to classes/her job). But we don’t see anything about baby Bella, Ondine, or Roxane’s. I wonder why all the women left this poor guy and how they managed to stay around for long enough to get a kid (or did they immediately get a kid?). Then again, maybe they were all turned off by the fact that he doesn’t work (or at least has a bad run with his acting career)/seems quite lazy? Then again, given how young Bella is (still a tiny baby) you would think that that mom would know about it. 😛 So yeah, I am curious. Maybe we will see some more about the moms in the next volume (as I am guessing there will be more volumes).

I did like that the book didn’t only show us the now, but also flashed back to when the girls were much younger. Like with the Father’s Day comic. He clearly remembered the gifts he got from his little ones (and the chaos it brought in one case). Plus it was fun to see that the dad didn’t always look the way he does now.

I have to say that I didn’t always like the girls and how they treated their dad. I get that they were mostly joking, but at times it was just a bit too painful. He does try his best for them, and yes, sure he has his failures, but then again, he is just human.

But all in all, this comic will definitely make you laugh, giggle, and root for this single dad. I also loved the art, the style was just perfect. I would recommend this one!

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