Review for I Made a Booboo

Review for I Made a Booboo

A book that I just had to bring with me when I spotted it, especially when I read it and was just laughing so hard about what was written.

I don’t have a kid, and not planning to get one either, not the natural way, though I may adopt a tiny human one day. But I still love reading parenting books. From the serious ones, to the funny ones, to the ones that combine both, as this one is both funny and serious.

It took me a bit longer to read than I would normally take for such a short book, for some reason I just kept being distracted while reading, at times I noticed I was zoning out. It was still funny, and still pretty great to read, but for some reason it just didn’t click all the way with me. Sometimes that happens with books.

I loved how the author tells us all about parenthood and isn’t afraid to tell us all the not so fun parts about it. That it is hard work, lots of stress, that you have practically no time for something else. That at times you wish your kid would just understand the basic of things. But that there is also so much love and that she is just so happy with having her kid and seeing him grow up.

It was fun to see her kid grow up, and see the advice and stories change. From newborn to toddler. There are tips, funny stories, conversations, games between her and her baby (the baby wins). There is poop, sleeping and the problems that come with it, eating, hugging (especially when snotty), there is lots of fun and hilarity. There are conversations with her husband, which I didn’t like at times. All sorts of milestones are also talked about, like teething, crawling, talking, etc.

Especially later she talks how time just flew by. One moment her little boy was still much attached to her and now he is crawling/walking and doing a lot of things on his own (or trying at least).

Plus I liked that we also saw part of how she got pregnant (wow, so fast), and how she experienced the pregnancy and the birth of her kid (yep, welcome in my country that is exactly what I also hear/read about in other Dutch parenting books).

Btw, I do hope that she either just joked about it, or at least cleaned the seat/used something, but eww girl, don’t chance your kid’s diaper in a plane on their seat. That is just superdisgusting. 😐 Other people also need to use that seat. 😐

She ends the book with an apology letter to her son, talking about the fact that he will probably read the book when he is old enough. I had quite a laugh at how that letter ends, again she thought she had time… but toddlers never rest.

There was also an appendix, the new mommy alphabet, with things like: K is for Keep Calm or N is for No or C is for Crying.

All in all, I would recommend this book to everyone.

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