Review for Luna The Moon Pig

Review for Luna The Moon Pig

I received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

I was delighted that I had the chance to read this book, because it was oh so adorable! It is about a little pig named Luna (named because she was born under the moon) and how she is about to go to a brand-new family.

The book shows us two sides, mostly it is about Luna, about how she feels when she is taken away from her mother, how she tries to adapt to her new situation with her new family, and how eventually she escapes and goes on a wonderful, but confusing journey to find her mom again. But we also see Maria’s side, the little girl who got Luna as her new pet. She just adores pigs, and I loved that. Most kids just love cats and dogs, the standard kind of pet, but Maria? Maria loves pigs and she won’t have anyone tell her that having a pig as a pet is weird (go girl!). I loved how she selected Luna, and how much she loved and cared for her.

Luna’s journey was pretty heartbreaking. She gets lost, she feels lonely, but on her journey she finds new friends, and they help her figure out things, guide her along the way, talk with her. And yes, I have to say at times I just was sniffling as it was quite sad. Especially later when Luna realises a few new things about her new family.

I felt sorry for Maria, she was just so so worried when Luna disappeared.

Of course, you can guess the ending, and I am sure that everyone, just like me, will love it. Happy for Luna, happy for Maria, and cheering for Maria when she unveiled her project about her little pig.

The art was actually the only thing that wasn’t entirely my cup of tea. It just felt a bit too much like someone had cut up some photographs and traced lines over it. 🙁 It just isn’t my style. Sorry. Though there was one exception, and that was how Luna was done at times, she was just so cute with those big eyes of hers.

All in all, this was one adorable, sweet, beautiful book, and I liked it oh so much. I would recommend it.

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