Review for Maudlin Towers: Curse of the Werewolf Boy

Review for Maudlin Towers: Curse of the Werewolf Boy

Welcome to Maudlin Towers, a place with werewolves, timemachines, ghosts, Latin, crazy teachers, and a spoon.

I was already eager to get this book, but then I spotted it in English (OMG) at a book store and for quite a nice price even! I just had to take it with me, and boy I am glad I did as this was one rollercoaster ride I don’t want to miss.

I hadn’t exactly read the blurb, and I am glad I didn’t as I could go in totally fresh. Only knowing what the title told me and what the cover gave away. So I knew there would be a werewolf or werewolves soon. But then so much more happened and I was delighted. And all this takes place in one of my favourite book settings: the boarding school. Yep. Our duo: Mildew and Sponge (as per their surnames) are best friends and together they try to get through the daily stuff at their boarding school: Mauldin Towers School for the Not Particularly Bright Sons of the Not Especially Wealthy. Yep. That is certainly a mouth full.

Little do these two know that they are about to get into one their most exciting adventures of their lives. Not only is something stolen that is of importance to the school, but there is also a ghost, and then the guys also find out about a time machine, and about werewolves. Yup. No boring days for these two. I loved how the story went from the two of them going detectivating for the spoon to so much more. There is never a boring moment while reading.

Especially not when the time machine makes an appearance. From that point it is very vital to keep your head on your shoulders as stuff will get very fun and complex. I won’t spoil a drop, but I have to say that my head was just recovering from one revelation only to be snapped back by another revelation. Oh jolly fun! At times I went AHA or OMG really? or Oh WOW!
The time machine certainly caused some chaos, not only to my head, but also to the guys and the school.

The werewolf parts were also fun, I did feel sorry for Mildew. I was hoping with all my might that he wasn’t bitten, that he was just a normal boy.

I loved both Mildew and Sponge. They were really fun and delightful characters and their friendship was just the best.

Reading about the school, about the lessons, about the teachers, I just loved it! Thanks to the great descriptions and the illustrations I could just imagine myself walking those dreary hallways. Sneaking away at night. Making sure not to cross the path of the teachers.

The ending was fabulous. I love how everything came together.

Chris Priestley’s illustrations just fit the story to a t. Their style just matches with everything, the castle, the teachers, the kids, everything!

I saw that there will be more Maudlin Towers, I can’t wait! I need more!

I would recommend this book to everyone.

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