Review for Mononoke Sharing Vol.1

Review for Mononoke Sharing Vol.1

What do you get when a normal person goes to live with 5 youkai girls? Indeed chaos, lots of hilarity, and boobs. Lots of boobs.

I read this one 2 years ago, and decided it was high time for a re-read now that this manga is out in English officially. Thank you Seven Seas for licensing this wonderful Coolkyoushinja manga! <3

The manga first starts when Yata is already settled in. She has to do tons as the youkai girls clearly don’t get some of the basic things. Like that maybe putting in used condoms in trash is a no-no if you put them on full display (and no, not even when you licked them clean, eww btw) or that going outside with just your long neck is not the way to take out trash (and no, you cannot do that at night either).

Then the manga switches back to how Yata began living with these youkai girls. How she was looking for a cheap place near her school. You can imagine that her first reaction is to NOPE her way out of there, but then she sees the advantages (like that she doesn’t have to worry they may be scared of her eyes. Yes, she has the scary eyes syndrome so many other manga characters have.) and so begins Yata’s life with the youkai girls.

From then on we see her try to understand the youkai girls, gets jealous because they have giant boobs (girl, believe me, you don’t want such giant boobs, think of your poor back), go on a date with the snow girl, Yuki (I am so shipping these two together), we find out more about the youkai girls themselves (my favourite would be Youko), there is a battle for the one bath, and then there is a lot more. It is one fun ride and you will be laughing and wishing you could also be friends with these youkai girls.

But of course the youkai girls also worry about their new friend, and I just loved how much they made her feel welcome, how they tried to make her smile. How they tried to make her feel less lonely (as they noticed she was that).

I do have to say that it was a shame that, when the girls are further away, they become stick figures. Other than that, no complaints about the art from me. Oh no. I love Coolkyoushinja’s art. And yes, maybe also because of the boobs. 😛

All in all, one very fun volume and I will definitely be getting the next volume when it comes out. I need more of this manga and see what kind of antics and sexy stuff is going to happen next. Definitely recommended.

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