Review for The Heat Is On

Review for The Heat Is On

It is time for a new round of Next Best Junior Chef! This time the theme is family and tradition, so you can imagine what that may entail for lessons, challenges, and other fun things!

Ah, this was just fantastic~ I have been wanting to read this for months, but never had the chance until yesterday.

A new week is here for our kids, a week filled with all sorts of fun things. From a field trip to a market (you can throw fish) to learn how to make dulce de leche (without burning it). A whole lot of fun things are coming their way, and I loved reading about it. Seeing how the characters tried their best, how they worried, how they tried to fend off the judges (just as you would see in the real program, dang those judges bothering you while you try to cook). The addition of the cards in one challenge (fire, water, air) was really fun, it made the challenge way more challenging, especially for the person who got water.

I am still amazed at what these kids know about cooking/food. Heavens, when I was that age I knew a bit about cooking, but not as much as these kids. And even now I wouldn’t know all that those kids do. Then again, I have no interest in making fancy meals or something super special. I would be the only one eating it, and that is just not as fun. Still it was lots of fun seeing the kids know so much, and see them use their skills to make some fabulous foods. Especially Rae’s food was lovely, as she also did her best on making a fun design.

The food mentioned in this book? Oh, man, my stomach was definitely trying to eat the book. 😛 There were so many nommy recipes, so many foods I would love to try out. OH dear, writing this review and thinking back to those nommy foods makes me hungry again. Guess I should eat breakfast soon.

Like with the previous book we switch between the kids. Just like the previous book it feels like Oliver and Rae get most of the spotlight, but I feel like there is a better balance now. Maybe it helps that there are only 3 characters instead of 4.

Rae. My favourite character. Just like in the previous book, I just adored the girl. At times I wanted to just hug her and tell her that everything would be fine. To ignore Oliver a bit more, and just go for what she feels is right. Sure, those stars are important, but it is also important to have fun, and at times I saw that Rae was just not having fun due to the stress, the worry, and Oliver. 🙁
I am happy that she didn’t give up, came up with some very inventive recipes and designs. Plus I just adored that, despite not being all too happy, she tried to be happy for her friends when they won. Giving them a thumbs-up or smiling. It must have been hard for her to do. Especially in the beginning when it seems that she may end up last.

Caroline. I was so delighted that she got through to this round. She really cooks up some fabulous things, and I loved that she could match Oliver’s smarts at many points, but thankfully she is down to earth and doesn’t have a giant ego like Oliver. I loved that she was able to gain a bit more confidence and dared to say more things. Even the others see that she has gone through a change.

Oliver. Whereas I did see some progress in the previous book, sadly this book destroyed all that again. Oliver was just the WORST in this book. He kept acting all friendly, but he was mean, rude, his ego was way too big, he did things to Rae that were just a big no no, and I could go on. I hated how superior he thought he was because he had all sorts of professional lessons, how that would make him better than someone like Rae who didn’t have any lessons. I also did think it was a bit unfair that he was participating, you clearly saw that he just kept winning because he, unlike the other two (well, Caroline got along pretty far), had all those lessons. Maybe they should just make a show for people who had all that training, and those who didn’t. I also disliked how he dissed stuff like food design. Because he thought that doesn’t count. That is not part of cooking/being a good cook. Um, dude, that counts. If I get food on my plate I also expect a bit of nice decoration or something fancy looking. Not just the food thrown on a plate, if I want that I will make my own food. 😛

The ending? Who was eliminated. THANK YOU AUTHOR. I never saw that coming, and I was bouncing up and down my chair at the delight. I was already worried, and I was already planning on just skipping the next book then (not that I would be able to as these books are calling me). But now I can definitely continue reading! Oh my, the next book will be very exciting.

Thankfully we don’t have any drama from the directors or have them push the kids to say stuff/do stuff.

The comments from the kids were just perfection. It gave us more insight in the characters. As I also said in my review for the first book, it did make it feel even more like a tv shows.

Like the previous book we also have tons of illustrations and I just adored them.

Now I just need the next book, and I still wish for a prequel book about the selection process. I want to see how these kids were selected. What did they have to do? What kind of challenges? Questions? Interviews? So curious!

I would highly recommend this fun book to all. Be warned, you may not come out of the book until you finish reading it. It is very addictive.

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