Review for The Toucan Patrol

Review for The Toucan Patrol

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Well, this one was just horrendous. And I was so hoping for a fun story about a kid wanting to join a group of what I would call scouts. The Toucan Patrol. Sadly, I believe you either must be delirious with fever or just plain high to enjoy this story. It certainly was a trip, but not the good kind. I had absolutely zero idea what was going on, was it all a dream? Was it all true?

Then there was the bullying. I HATE bullying, and I am not happy how these kids made that poor kid feel absolutely crappy about everything. He is thirsty but he gets no drink from anyone because heaven forbid that he pees his pants or bed. They call him newb in jeering voices (and no I don’t believe Newb is his real name), they scare him, they call him names. I just didn’t like the group at all. I cannot for life imagine why anyone would want to join this group of losers.

Then the whole night stuff happens and well, at first it was quite nice/interesting. But then it quickly derailed and I had no clue if this was all true or if it was all a nightmare/dream. A lot of stuff just happens without any explanation. What I had expected from the whole: “By confronting his greatest fears.” was something like him having to go alone in the woods and stay the night, or maybe letting him climb something really high if he was afraid of that. I didn’t expect some kind of trippy weird as hell dream or whatever it was.

Plus I totally didn’t like how he magically was all tough (since he was crying all the time about anything and everything) and how everyone just seemingly accepted him while the previous day they were all dicks.

Then there was the art. Which at times was pretty good, but sorry, more times I just didn’t like it. Proportions were off (like newb being chubby, thin, stretched, chubby, normal, and so on).

So yeah, not recommended. Not at all.

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