Review for The Wolf, The Duck, and the Mouse

Review for The Wolf, The Duck, and the Mouse

I read this one in Dutch, but my review will be in English.

What happens when a Wolf eats a tiny little mouse? Well, a house party! Yes, really. I totally hadn’t expected THAT when it happened on the third/fourth page. Our tiny mouse, freshly eaten and now in the stomach of a wolf finds himself in the home of someone else. I was just in stitches seeing the duck, in his bed, looking all angry at someone who disturbed him.

Which btw, makes me wonder how many critters does the wolf eat up, or is the mouse just the second victim after the duck? 😉 Or or, ah, no I should definitely not think too much about it. It is not the first time that a Mac Barnett book makes me stop and ponder for a moment before I decide that it is best not to dwell on such details. 😛

Let’s just go back to the meeting of the duck and mouse. I loved it! I also loved that the duck decided it was just safer inside a wolf, so he just decided to make his home there. Yep, be prepared to laugh as this little dude has the whole shebang in the Wolf’s stomach. Chairs, furnace/kitchen, a bed, even a tiny little painting on the walls.

But while they are partying, the wolf quickly finds out that maybe, just maybe he shouldn’t have eaten those two animals. Really man, maybe you should have thought about that before you just gulped an entire animal in one go. Didn’t your mom teach you to chew your food before you swallow it?

What happens after had me both in stitches but also in worry, poor wolf, but yeah for his bodyguards (get it, body guards).

The ending was terrific, well, at least for 2 out of our 3 characters it is a happy ending. I won’t tell you which two, you will just have to read the book and find out.

Which I would recommend, read this book! It features gorgeous illustrations (as expected from Jon Klassen), a hilarious and weird story, and great characters.

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