Review for Twinkle

Review for Twinkle

I read this book in Dutch, but will write my review in English. Just like I did for book 3 in this series.

I was so delighted when I found this book at one of my libraries. I loved the third Twinkle book, and have been meaning to get the other books as well. But in the end I totally forgot. 😛 Oops. Too many books out there calling for my attention.

So in this one Twinkle starts with using magic, it is her first day at The Fairy School of Magic and Music. She gets her favourite colour of wand (yay!), but then the trouble starts. Reciting spells sounds easy, but try it out yourself and you will see it isn’t easy! I loved that while Twinkle’s spell seemed to go all haywire and bring out more chaos, she still kept trying to get better. Even if that meant waking the whole forest in the middle of the night. 😛 Yep, those poor animals, thinking they can have a nice sleep, and then there is this fairy poofing and sparking everything up.

I thought it interesting that when a fairy feels down or unhappy that their wings seem to change into another colour. Like Twinkle’s wings went from bright and sparkly pink to sad and gloomy blue.

I loved the teacher though, she really helped out. I wonder why she didn’t tell this to the class earlier, I am sure there are other fairies who could also have benefited from this tidbit.

It was oh so fun to see more of the world where Twinkle and her friends live. I wouldn’t mind seeing even more though!

Like with the third book, I just adored the art. It is so cute, adorable, fun, sparkly (yes, really everything is so sparkly). Once again tons and tons of pink!

All in all, I will have to see if my library has the second book, I can’t wait to see what kind of adventures Twinkle will get into in that one. Recommended to all!

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