Review for Wormworld Saga Vol 1: The Journey Begins

Review for Wormworld Saga Vol 1: The Journey Begins

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

So I was definitely looking forward to reading this one when I spotted the very magical cover on Netgalley. And I have to say that I did love it, but not so much the characters. Well, I could forgive the dad, but I just didn’t like our MC.

Why? Because really, he just thinks about playing, playing, and having fun. I get that it is summer, but if you are going to high school after summer (which I totally don’t be believe given the little dude is 9/10 at max) you will need to get to working. Especially if your grades already suck so badly and only seem to get worse. Sorry, but do you want me to feel sorry for you? And then you try to do that crap to your poor dad who just has the best intentions for you? Who just wants you to succeed and be happy. It is not like his is forcing you to do your homework 24/7. The least you could do is just make those sheets and do some work. You probably have like 12 hours in a day, you can easily lose 1 hour a day to studying. And then when everything hits the fan, because, duh, instead of acting more like the age he is probably supposed to be (high school age so 12-ish), he just runs away. sighs

Also more than half of this book is about our kid just running around, telling us his story, and being annoying about stuff. It isn’t until page 66 when he finally gets to the world, gets lost in it, can’t go back to his home. While I do appreciate that we don’t immediately go into the world, I still had expected us to go a bit sooner.

The art? Well, the backgrounds are gorgeous, especially those in the fantasy world are just stunning. However, I am not a fan of the characters and how they look.

The fantasy world seems to hold a lot of potential, and while I am not too sure if I want to read another volume in this series, I also do want to read it, just to see more of this spectacular fantasy world and its inhabitants. To see more of those gorgeous backgrounds. And plus, I want to know if the boy gets home and if we get the cliche ending I think we will be getting (as I have read enough books with the same kind of theme).

All in all, a pretty decent first volume, but yeah, the MC was just frustratingly annoying.

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