Review for Yuri Natsu ~ Kaguya Inn~ Vol.1

Review for Yuri Natsu ~ Kaguya Inn~ Vol.1

Welcome to a very special inn, full of yuri and siscons. 😛

I have been meaning to read this one for some time, but after reading it I am not sure if I will continue reading this series.

Don’t get me wrong, it started pretty decently, but then it went down pretty fast. What I had hoped was a manga with yuri stuff and each chapter, or each x number of chapters (since they are so short) we would get a new guest(s) who would get lovey-dovey together while there. Instead it is mostly the same guests, and I really got annoyed with them. Like the actress one who can’t decide if she likes or hates her manager girl. During the times that she was liking her she was a pretty great character, but when she went off in another deredere temper… eh.
The one couple I liked were the girls who went from friends > lovers in an instant, but sadly after a few chapters we don’t see them that much, and I even forgot they were still there. 😛

Plus then there are the sisters. They are all lovey-dovey for each other, there are couplings everywhere. Sadly, I didn’t like most of the sisters. Well, I liked the blonde one, but even she and her deredere stuff got frustrating. I have to say that the pervert sister and the little sister were the worst though. The pervert sister loves peeking at the guests and even bugging the baths with cameras and such. The younger sister loves the pervert sister and blackmails her into doing stuff… It just got too much for me. It went too far.

I did like seeing the inn though, it seems like quite an cough interesting place to stay, though it seems to have some magical powers to make every woman into a lesbian. That is at least my conclusion from those who stay there + how the sisters and their family acts.

The chapters are quite short, generally 3 to 6 pages. I did like the short format.

The art reminds me of Zetsubou Sensei, I quite liked it. Plus it fitted the weird and at times over the top story/characters.

All in all, I had expected more from this one. I am always on the hunt for good yuri/shoujo ai, and I had hoped this one would be a good one.

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