Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 27-5-2018

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 27-5-2018


Welcome to the second Sunday’s TBR Updates, this time with a Kindle TBR Top 6. Yep, I read a lot of books this week, and so my TBR slunk down quite a bit to the point that I am going to start with my Kindle books. And so, instead of only showing my paper TBR (as was the plan), you will also get a Top 6 Kindle books (btw, Kindle should really have an easier way of putting books in a specific order).

I still got several books to read in the How To Train Your Dragon series, but I just don’t want to burn through them in one go. I know that I would feel happy reading them, but then sad because I gone through them all in one go. So I want to spread the joy, so I will probably read one HTTYD every week. This week I didn’t get to read one, but I will read one next week.

And don’t be surprised to see my TBR (paper edition) grown again next week, I just got my monthly pay, and guess what I am going to do in a bit? Yep, buy new books!

This week I read: Truly Devious, Rijden jullie ook voor duiven?, I Made a Booboo, Botje & Co, Cynanide & Happiness, Eén eenhoorn, alsjeblieft!. I tried, and hated Leah on the Offbeat :(. I have put the Young Scientist book on my Summer TBR pile (just about 2 months to go until my vacation). This week I really focused on my paper TBR.

So this week’s TBR pile. First the paper one, and then my top 6 Kindle books.

Well, this wraps up my Sunday’s TBR Updates, I hope you all have a fantastic Sunday, and I will see you all next week again!

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