Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 20-5-2018

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 20-5-2018

Afternoon all,

Welcome to a brand-new feature on my blog: Sunday’s TBR Updates. I recently started posting TBR updates on my Twitter (I just love seeing my reading progress through pictures), but I thought it would be way more fun to post this one on my blog and thus making a brand-new feature. Sunday’s always has been a quiet day, so I thought this would be perfect for that day. These TBR updates will be about my paper TBR, I also got several books on my kindle, but I first want to finish (or have only one or two books on it) my paper TBR before I start with that one.

So starting with my TBR. It has been going down steadily, at one point I only had about 4 or 5 books on it, and I thought I would just maybe finish it all, but it is going up again. This week alone 5 new books have been added to the pile. It does seem to never end, does it?

You can see here my TBR from 10 days ago: TBR on 10th of May. So these past 10 days I managed to read Pennyroyal Academy, 2 Train Your Dragon’s, Nightmares!, Positively Izzy, and The Boundless Sublime. And I am currently reading Truly Devious. I think if I would focus solely on my TBR I would get it down much faster, but I am also reading the library books I get from all my libraries. Oh well, this way I don’t run out of books any time soon.

This week’s TBR pile!

See you all again next week, can’t wait to see how much I read, and if there are new books to the mix. 💕📚

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