Waiting On Wednesday ~ Babysitting Nightmares: The Shadow Hand

Waiting On Wednesday ~ Babysitting Nightmares: The Shadow Hand


A new Waiting on Wednesday, and this time a book that promises to be like The Baby-Sitter’s Club x Goosebumps. How can I resist this? I love both those series (the books for both, and for Goosebumps also the tv series/movie), and so I am very very very very eager to get my hands on this book. I could use something like this, plus I always love reading horror during the summer. Hot days, cold chills from horror, perfection. Plus add to the mix that it won’t be night very early (like in winter) so you got time to recover from scary books. 😛

So, I can’t wait, only got to wait until June 5th before it comes out, and then hoping that I can get it soon after that. 🙂 Oh, and this one definitely deserves some extra points for the amazing cover. I love the evil villain lurking around them + the font on the cover is just perfect.

That reminds me, there is another Baby-sitter x goosebumps/monster book coming out, namely book two of A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting. Woohooo, 2 fabulous books combining two of my favourite things in June. dances wants June to be here now, right now

The Baby-Sitter’s Club meets Goosebumps as a diverse group of friends encounter supernatural problems on their babysitting gigs.
The typical babysitting job just got a whole lot scarier!

Rebecca Chin is understandably freaked out when something begins haunting her babysitting charge, Kyle. Ever since a powerful thunderstorm, strange handprints have appeared on the walls, shadows prowl his room, and the baby is not quite himself.

After investigating, Rebecca and her three best friends discover that a sinister, paranormal villain known as the Night Queen has taken Kyle and replaced him with one of her minions. To stop her, they embark on a chilling journey into the woods to outwit the Night Queen and her creepy creatures—or risk being trapped in her realm forever!

Quick thinking and strong friendship save the day in the first of this exciting new middle-grade series.

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