What I Hope To Read June 2018

What I Hope To Read June 2018


June is here! Summer is coming, well, technically given the temperatures at this moment I would say summer has already arrived. Time to sit outside on my balcony again, or when I have a free afternoon to go swimming at the lake 10 minutes from my house. Yep, I recently found out there was a lake (tiny one) near my home, I thought it wasn’t deemed safe for swimming, but thankfully it was.

This month I have quite a few books I want to read, though the list was way longer. I think I have cut down my list in half. Just picking the books I really really want to read. Plus I also found books that made me question my past self. Why did you add this to the list, girl? The book sound so boring, why did you think this one was good? 😛

I have 1 pre-order, 1 book I want to pre-order (but I am waiting for the price to go a bit lower than 15 euro), and 1 book of a series (The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place) that I used to pre-order as soon as I found out about them, but ever since they changed illustrator and cover in the previous book, I am just not interested any more. Really, cover changing in the midst of a series should be forbidden, as should changing the illustrator be. 😐

Hopefully this month I will manage to read this month’s books. I keep getting behind on new releases as I have so many other books to read and enjoy. Can we just have a book stop for a year? 😉

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