Work in Progress: Updating My Review Archives

Work in Progress: Updating My Review Archives

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let you all know that the coming days my review archives will be a bit chaotic. I have decided, due to sheer volume and the fact that editing the pages was killing my browsers (yes, even if I had already split the pages like I did), that I am going to put the English reviews in categories and that those categories will (well, most of them, not Other and Non-fiction) get the same sub-pages stuff as the old A-Z system had. But it will be a hell of a work to get them all done. So, for now there will be a few empty pages, but no worries, I hope that in a few days I got everything sorted. First Manga, and then the rest.

Thanks for your patience.❤️😘

Edit 1: A-D is done. 🙂 Now the rest!
Edit 2: X-Z/# + U-W are done!
Edit 3: I-L done! I am flying through these things, my boyfriend is also amazed at how fast I go. 😛
Edit 4: E-H done.
Edit 5: M-P done!

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