Book Blitz ~ Not Her Gargoyle by Annie Nicholas

Book Blitz ~ Not Her Gargoyle by Annie Nicholas

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Yep, today is a day filled with promo posts! Welcome to the Book Blitz for Not Her Gargoyle by Annie Nicholas. I just HAD to sign up for this blitz as the book sounded amazingly fun (plus I quite liked the cover). Oh, and I just bought the book, it is only 99 cents for now on Amazon! Can’t wait to read it.

So for today’s Blitz post I got information on the book/author, a very sexy excerpt, and a giveaway (US/CAN).

Ruby is done with jerks, dead-end jobs, and eviction notices. Everyone else she knows is finding ways out of this crappy neighborhood, so why can’t she? Since opportunities refuse to fall from the sky, Ruby makes her own. To hell with the little voice in her heart whispering about love. She never met a man she wanted to keep…then she met a gargoyle. Men were boring after all.

Nick was a con, a thief, and a rogue. He couldn’t keep a dime in his pocket even if it was glued. Then he met a ruby. Not one from the earth but one of flesh and blood. And ass. Let’s not forget the ass. Stealing her heart was now all he wanted.

He has a plan that could make both their dreams come true. It only involves an itsy-bitsy risk. All they must do is rob a witch.

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About the author:

Annie Nicholas writes paranormal romance with a twist. She has courted vampires, hunted with shifters, and slain a dragon’s ego all with the might of her pen. Riding the wind of her imagination, she travels beyond the restraints of reality and shares them with anyone wanting to read her stories. Mother, daughter, and wife are some of the other hats she wears while hiking through the hills and dales of her adopted state of Vermont.
Annie writes for Samhain Publishing, Carina Press, and Lyrical Press.

Find her here:       

Excerpt time.

His mouth tipped up at one corner into a sultry smile. The kind that made women drop their panties. The kind that turned Ruby’s knees into jelly. “Really?” he asked as he strode forward. He looked like an animal, sleek and sensuous. Shoulders rolling as he moved.

She might have ovulated. Her back hit the wall and only then did she realize her retreat. When had she backed down to a man? Sexual control was her super power. The only one she’d owned. Nick changed everything.

He didn’t stop his advance until they were almost touching, and then he braced a hand against the wall by her head. She wouldn’t have minded if he blocked her in. His shorts would drop to the floor again, but hey, sacrifices could be made.

“I want to taste you.” His voice caused a rush of heat over her skin. He waited for her to make the first move.

Her every breath jagged, her heart out of sync, she rested her hands on his shoulders. Strong and muscled and dangerous. The hunger in her veins no longer an empty desperation for human contact, but a hotter, deeper ache. Her lips parted under the hard demand of his mouth.

Even in his human form, Nick loomed over her. There was no doubting his power, but he didn’t trigger any fear. Not like some of her former partners. Until Nick, she hadn’t understood how a woman would want to possess a man. Now the rage of it was an inferno in her blood.

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