Library Haul 13-6-2018

Library Haul 13-6-2018

Hi everyone!

Welcome to a brand-new Library Haul post, today for Library #4. I wasn’t feeling up to going yesterday (busy, not feeling all too well), but I wanted to go today (even if I normally avoid going on Wednesdays due to schools letting out early). And I am quite happy I went as I found some nice books.

Only one new release, but then again their new releases have been a bit disappointing lately.

Stats; 5 new books. 3 picture books, 2 fiction.

Selfie by Hetty van Aar
Meiden willen winnen by Vivian den Hollander
Welpje en Tijger by Jonny Lambert
Varen! by Doro Göbel
Ridder Roel de drakenvechter by Aron Dijkstra

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