Library Haul 16-6-2018

Library Haul 16-6-2018

Afternoon all,

Happy weekend everyone! And welcome to a new Library Haul post, this time for Library #2.

So, this week I played a bit of roulette with the reservation system of Library #2. The bug is still around, but it seems now that some new books are free (as they should be), while other new books are that 2 euro (which they shouldn’t be). So I had fun clicking on books and seeing if they would be free or not. I even made a few screenshots just to have proof in case that they magically should have a fee due to that bug. I really hope that they are able to get rid of that bug fully though, it is getting a bit annoying not being able to reserve books, or have to do so much effort for them. Not to mention the disappointment when you can’t reserve a book.

But I had some reservations, 5 to be exact. I still had one book at home, so I had room for 9 books. In the end I found 6 books, 4 books that I wanted to reserve but couldn’t (yay, bug), and 2 books that seemed quite interesting. All in all, a good haul!

Since I felt pretty OK today + I had some motivation, I added all the books to Goodreads, so all the links work today.

Stats: 11 new books. 4 non-fiction, 1 comic, 6 fiction.

Brood by Elvis Peeters
De vloek van de farao by Thomas Brezina
Bommen op Berlijn by Jan van Rheenen
_**Mijn leven als voetballer*_ by Heiko Wolz, Zapf
De avonturen van Tommie en Lotje 2 by Jacques Vriens, Kees de Boer
Wereldwijven 1 by Pénélope Bagieu
Van boswachter tot youtuber by Arwen Kleyngeld, Marijke Klompmaker
Fruitfeest met Sophie by Gerda Muller
Hoe verstop je een giraf? by Michelle Robinson, Claire Powell
The Champions Deel 10 by Gürcan Gürsel
De grond onder je voeten by Charlotte Guillain, Yuval Zommer

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