Library Haul 20-6-2018

Library Haul 20-6-2018

Evening all,

I just had to pop by Library #4 today. I needed some new library books, and I had spotted at least one book in their new releases catalogue that I wanted to have.

They also had their summer sale going on, and I picked up a stack of Cosmo Girls. Now I have some fun magazines to read during my vacation in August. Didn’t really see anything else I wanted (plus the state of some books…), but I was happy that at least I had one stack of magazines.

Then off to the Children’s/YA books to find that one book and see if I could find another one. For a while I also had another book with me that was new, but I don’t know, vaguely I could remember that I hated the first book (though I probably dropped it real soon as Goodreads had no information). So in the end I put it back as I would rather find something that doesn’t scream no at me. 😛

I quickly found 6 books, and considering I still had one at home (which I should really get to reading for once), I decided I was happy enough.

Edit, and I just found out that one of the books is one I already read in English (I thought it was a sequel), oh well. Now I can re-read it in Dutch. 😛

Another edit: I will be adding the books to Goodreads as I read them. As none of them are on Goodreads at the moment and I am just not up to adding them now.

Stats: 6 books. 2 picture books, 4 fiction.

De vliegende cavia by Rian Visser
Level 13: Game Over by Esther van Lieshout
De dierenambulance rukt uit by Monique van der Zanden
Sam Schiet – Mis! by Fred Diks, Andrea Kruis
Trol en het verdwenen zusje by Adam Stower
Papa-Mama lijm by Kes Gray

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