Library Haul 30-6-2018

Library Haul 30-6-2018

Evening my readers,

A fantastic weekend to everyone! Today was a visit to two libraries! Library #2 and #3. Two very busy visits. While going to Library #2 we stumbled upon a bit of a blockade, apparently tomorrow there is a biking event and they were putting up the finish, fences, etc.. Sadly, that meant that getting to Library #2 was a bit of a trial. And dodging a few stray cyclers who were practising the route. 😛

Oh, oh, and good news, it seems that the reservation bug is fixed. I was able to reserve a ton of books, and 11 of them were waiting for me when I visited. Squee! My boyfriend, or I should say my fiancé (still getting used to it) looked at me quite funny again when I grabbed a whole stack of reservations and almost cleared the shelf they were on. I also found 3 other books to bring with me. So Library #2’s visit was fantastic.

Then it was off to Library #3. Dump all my old books, and then go out to watch the Veteran’s Day parade which was (though we didn’t know) today. Military, police, cars, dogs and more. It was great to see them, and to wave and smile at them. Plus of course make pictures! Though I did feel sorry for the older veterans and also the dogs. It is quite warm here (30-ish Celsius), and most of the onlookers (including me and my fiancé) were melting, so I don’t want to know how they held up walking so much without toppling over (and not all of them had water with them). And I hope the dogs paws are OK from walking on hot asphalt. 🙁

After watching that, visiting some bookstores (and sadly not finding anything), we heading back to Library #3 to pick up some new books. I had quite some luck finding new books, including some fabulous comics and graphic novels. I also found book 1 and 2 of a series, which made me happy as I got book 3 from Library #2 as well. I also can’t wait to read A Wrinkle in Time, I have been meaning to read that, but haven’t had the chance.

So a fabulous two visit to Library #2 and #3. I got 26 (14 at Library #2 and 12 at Library #3) books in total so I got tons and tons to read.

I still have to add them to Goodreads, but after a busy day, and the prospect of having to add 16 of them because they aren’t there? Not motivated. I just want to relax and sleep.

Stats: 26 books. 10 comics, 5 non-fiction, 11 fiction.

Klaar is Kees by Mieke Kerkhof
Safari Pug by Laura James
Een mop met een bij bij by Riet Wille, Richard Verschraagen
Stamp! Stamp! by Sébastien Braun
Het griezelkasteel by Michael Lawrence
Rapenburgstraat by Guus Luijters
What The Night Sings by Vesper Stamper
Iedereen is wel eens blij by Maira Butterfield
Te paard! 3 by Laurent Dufreney, Miss Prickly
Trippelende Tijger by Philippa Leathers
Alles over dino’s by Heather Alexander
Tussen tik en tak by Louise Greig
Dank je wel by Stefan Boonen, Jan Van Lierde
Groot graafboek by Hans Post, Marjolein Haspels, Zohra Noordam

A Wrinkle In Time by Madeleine L’Engle
De etiquettebijbel voor kinderen by Brigitte Balfoort
Bram en het Zoldermysterie by Michael Reefs
De Babysittersclub: Claudia en de zussenstrijd by Ann M. Martin
De vliegeraar by Haled Hosseini
Dad deel 4 by Nob
Miauw! deel 3 by Frédéric Brrémaud, Paola Antista
Te paard! 1 by Laurent Dufreney, Miss Prickly
Te paard! 2 by Laurent Dufreney, Miss Prickly
Wielergek deel 8 by Jean-Luc Garréra, Alain Julie
De rest van de wereld by Jean-Christophe Chauzy
Na de ramp by Jean-Christophe Chauzy

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