Library Haul 9-6-2018

Library Haul 9-6-2018

Evening all,

Saturday! Weekend! dances Time to visit not only Library #2 but also Library #3.

I only had 2 reservations at Library #2, yes, shocking eh? Both are older books, as their system is still bugged. Yep. Nine days or so later, and new books still costs 2 euro instead of the 0 it is supposed to be. No clue if or when they will fix it, but until then I can’t reserve any books, or I should specify, I can reserve, but I am not craycray enough to spend 2 euros on reservations, especially not when I reserve 10+ books at times. Plus I feel sorry for the poor souls who just blindly reserve a book without seeing the cost (as you expect it to be free). Yep, the library didn’t listen to my suggestion to add a banner or newspost anywhere on the site to let people know. sighs

And whereas other libraries (#1, #3, #4 (both old and new)) have new releases tables (or shelves) for every genre, Library #2 only has that for non-fiction/adult fiction. Anything else? Have fun browsing the library and hoping that they have been actually added to the collection. So today I just went directly for the comics section, grabbed a whole ton of comics to read (including a bunch of Champions), and then went to the picture book section and grabbed 2 more books from there. My boyfriend’s face was quite funny and what he said too: “Did you plunder the whole comics section?” 😛

Then we were off to Library #3, and of course some fun shopping as I needed some stuff. After all that was done it was time for Library #3. Sadly, they didn’t have any new books that I wanted, nor did their English YA/Childrens section have anything new or fun. Well, I did find one book. And then I just went to grab all the fun comics I could find.

So this time I got a whole ton of comics! A lot of football, but also some bicycling, and a few other no-theme comics.

Note, with the exception of two books, all of the books still need to be added to Goodreads as they aren’t on Goodreads, but I just wasn’t in the mood to add 22 books. So I will slowly, as I read the books, change the links to go to Goodreads instead of leading nowhere.

Stats: 24 new books. 20 comics, 2 picture books, 1 YA, 1 photography book.

First photograph is Library #2, second photograph is Library #3.

Kleine nachtverhalen by Kitty Crowther
De Cool Cool Club by Walter Baele, Nico De Brackeleer
Fc Schwalbe 1 by Patrick van der Auwera
De Legandariers 1 by Patrick Sobral
De Legandariers 2 by Patrick Sobral
Pinanti United 2 by Charel Cambre
Voetbalgek! Deel 14 by Oliver Saive
The Champions 8 by Gürcan Gürcel
The Champions 11 by Gürcan Gürcel
The Champions 12 by Gürcan Gürcel
The Champions 20 by Gürcan Gürcel
The Champions 23 by Gürcan Gürcel

A Pocketful of Crows by Joanne M. Harris
Madame Zusje by Gerrit de Jager
Swamp Thing is gek! by FLoris Oudshoorn
Elsje 4: Groeistuipen by Gerban Valkema, Eric Hercules
Voetbalgek! Deel 12 by Oliver Saive
Wielergek! Deel 3 by Alain Julié, Enzo Grogoli
Wielergek! Deel 4 by Alain Julié, Enzo Grogoli
Wielergek! Deel 5 by Alain Julié, Enzo Grogoli
Wielergek! Deel 7 by Alain Julié, Enzo Grogoli
Wielergek! Deel 9 by Alain Julié, Enzo Grogoli
Wielergek! Deel 11 by Alain Julié, Enzo Grogoli
Giflandschap > Revisited by Wout Berger

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