Release Day Celebration ~ Blood Oath by Amanda McCrina ~ Excerpt

Release Day Celebration ~ Blood Oath by Amanda McCrina ~ Excerpt

Morning all,

Time to party, welcome to the Release Day Celebration for Blood Oath by Amanda McCrina. I just couldn’t resist helping with the party after I did the cover reveal a month ago.

For today’s post I got all the information on the book/author. But I also got an excerpt and a giveaway!

Before we start with the celebrations, I want to congratulate the author on their book coming out today. Happy Book Birthday! Hip Hip Hooray!

The aftermath of what happened in the capital has shaken Torien to the core. Battling self-doubt and bitterness, he must find his resolve as he is sent back to Tasso to quell a violent uprising on the Road.

But Torien will need more than resolve to navigate the deadly path before him. His troops are inexperienced and his new adjutant untrustworthy. A series of murder attempts leaves the whole camp on edge. As the threat of mutiny builds, the mission seems doomed before they even reach Tasso—and Torien is beginning to suspect it was meant that way. He and his men are being set up to fail.

With his best friend in the hands of the rebels, his commanding officer refusing to negotiate a peace treaty, and his own men ready to turn on him at any moment, Torien must decide once and for all how much he’s willing to sacrifice for an empire he no longer believes in.

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About the author:

Amanda McCrina has studied in Italy, taught English in Japan, and currently tutors Latin in Atlanta, Georgia. She received her BA in History from the University of West Georgia, and is now pursuing her MA. She writes stories that incorporate her love of history, languages, and world travel. She drinks far too much coffee and dreams of one day having a winning fantasy-hockey season.

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Excerpt time.

He spent the heat of the day there on the tent floor, waiting to die.

He lay very still in the half-light, blinking sweat from his eyes and licking it from his lips, pacing his breaths as the signo had taught him, looking up at the scraped-leather tent hide and trying to find Cesin in the cracks and little ridges, remembering that he couldn’t die, not yet, because the Dobryno had promised him that he would die a blood traitor before the doors of the house at Vessy—remembering suddenly in the silence that it was the Decimes, five days until his birthday, five years to the month since he’d been home for the barley harvest.

He’d been fourteen, very nearly to his manhood, and that year at harvest the bodies of the executed Dobryni still hung in the oaks below the city walls on the north bank of the river, facing the causeway. He hadn’t been down to the river all that harvest season. Afraid of ghosts, Taure said—Taure, who’d been nineteen years old and afraid of nothing, who went out with the huntsmen in the river wood after deer and boar. He’d meant no harm by his words, but he didn’t understand and couldn’t understand, because he had never looked into a dying man’s eyes.

Torien didn’t fear the dead. The dead had followed him five years now, familiar as kin. But he’d let Taure think it was fear, because he didn’t know how to explain that it was shame.

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