Review for Body Games

Review for Body Games

Welcome to Endurance Island, this edition brings a new twist the viewers will sure enjoy.

This one is the last of the Games series that I wanted to read, the others I tried or weren’t what I was looking for. I do hope that there will be more Games books in the future, as I don’t want to leave these characters just yet. Plus Jessica Clare sure has a fabulous way of writing.

Meet Annabelle Tucker, a girl who isn’t having such a good time due to what happened in a previous season of Endurance Island. She was edited as a slut and a ho, as a girl who will do anything for a man’s attention. On top of that, the guy she liked? He turned out to have only used her. 😐 Yep. So you can imagine that Annabelle isn’t all too happy at first when she gets a new offer for a new season. But with the bribery of tons of money (which she desperately needs) she signs up. I did feel for Annabelle, but I wasn’t sure if it would be a good idea to try another season. But I was kind of curious how the girl would redeem herself, how would she take revenge on the guy who wronged her (RIP Kip), how hard will she play this time? And also, will she be able to not fall head over heels for a hot guy again?

Of course I knew instantly what would happen during the pairing of the teams. Come on, it is a reality show, was she that naive that she thought they would respect her wishes? Girl, please. Though I have to say that I didn’t expect the twist (due to the cover mostly), but that the twist was certainly entertaining as hell. Good luck doing challenges or even surviving when you are that. 😛 Not to mention the awkwardness and then there is the sunburn in places you probably never want to be sunburned. shivers
The challenges were pretty fun and interesting. Some were sporty/athletic, others were creative, and some where just downright disgusting (like eating that bat, or ripping meat of a pig with flies).
I also liked the Judgement and that even if a team was voted off they could still have a chance to get back, well, one of them at least. And that there was a box, Pandora Box, that could change the game, but not always for the good. Which made the game even more interesting. It was a bit of a shame that only Annabelle understood the clues, I had wished that other teams also found their Pandora Boxes (provided there are more than one or two).

Kip was just a terrible, terrible, terrible guy, and sorry, I didn’t feel any empathy towards him when he was either burned or when Annabelle decided to not cook his water (because she is not his slave). I am glad the show’s producers also didn’t feel a drop of mercy when Kip found out later after the show. Sorry dude, you should have gotten your own water or even asked. But no, you just lazed around, stole everything left and right, and let Annabelle do everything. On top of that you were surprised that the girl was pissed off. And he was just a perv as well. Yuck. But Karma always finds its way to the right people. 😛

Jendan! The guy from one of the earlier books, this time he plays a bigger role and even the love interest. I loved seeing him again, though I was a bit wary about it. Would he still be a nice guy? Would he understand what Annabelle was doing and how she was feeling? I loved reading his confessionals at the start of each chapter. Plus I had a big laugh that he had to run into the woods/bushes to take care of business at times. Poor dude.

I loved how Annabelle played the show, how smart she was, and how she manipulated people left and right. Her speech was also impressive. I am sure that people feel a bit hurt that she acted like this, but come on peeps, it is a game. You need to win, you would do the same. Don’t tell me something different, I know you would play the same way.

I did think it was lousy that the author wrote Brodie and Kandis in this one and then dropped them out like this. Sorry, but why even add them then? It just felt weird and out of place and I would rather not have had them. As I was all giddy to see them again and I was looking forward to seeing them more often. 😐

I loved the ending and what happened there. It was just so sweet, so cute, and I was squeeing in happiness. Though I have to say that there was a part that had me rolling my eyes. So Jendan doesn’t call you for 4 days and you think he doesn’t want you/it is the end of the world? Girl, please, it is only 4 days, give the dude some time to recover from stuff. Seriously, dramaqueen much?

There is not much sex in this one, just near the end a few scenes. Though there are enough mentions of Jendan’s penis.

But all in all, this was a terrific book and I couldn’t stop reading. I would recommend it.

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