Review for Dotty Detective: The Holiday Mystery

Review for Dotty Detective: The Holiday Mystery

It is time for a vacation! Dot, her family, and Beans and his father, are all going camping!

I was actually thinking of saving this one for my camping trip in August… but then I realised that is still very far away and that I just couldn’t wait so long to read this. Sorry, this book is just too adorable, and when I started reading one page… I just couldn’t stop. 😛 Maybe I will bring it with me on my vacation to re-read.

So camping time! Dot, her twin brother/sister, and her mom are all in the caravan, while Beans and his father are camping a bit further away in their tent. I loved that they helped out with unpacking/getting stuff ready before they set off to explore and find some delicious noms. Yes, this sounds weird, but I have read my share of books in which the kids just run off as soon as they arrive at their vacation place.
I just loved reading (and later seeing a map) of the place. A cute cafe, donkeys, a turtle (with a balloon!), woods next door, a sea close by. I just wanted to pop into the book and camp at that place. It sounds perfect.

Of course, their vacation wouldn’t be a good vacation if it didn’t have a mystery in it. This time someone is taking stuff from Dot and Beans’ favourite cafe, The Nook. The owner, Poppy, is very sad about what is happening. But thankfully for her, Dot and Beans are on the case! Their vacation becomes a bit more exciting as they seek out suspects, go after clues, ask questions, and do some good old spying. And of course do all sorts of other stuff as well, because it is vacation time!
Plus they have a new way to communicate, morse code + flashlights. Ah, such a delight to see kids still do that, it reminds me a lot of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five series.
As more and more stuff is vanishing the mystery thickens and both Dot and Beans are pretty stunned. They have gone through all the suspects, through all the clues. And even me, who can often figure out the whodunnit pretty fast was wondering who it could be.

The eventual whodunnit was brilliant. I hadn’t thought of that! I guess now I think back I should have seen it coming. 😛 Great job to the author. 🙂

Of course the book is also delightfully illustrated to the brim. I just adore the art, it is so fun and lovely.

All in all, I hope we will get more Dot books, and I would highly recommend this one to everyone. This is a fabulous vacation book, perfect for the coming summer vacation.

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