Review for Gakkou Gurashi! Vol.10

Review for Gakkou Gurashi! Vol.10

Revelations, zombies, and it is time for our girls to leave the university, the “safe” place they have been at for some time now.

I already read the chapters (55-60) as they came out, so I had to do a bit of re-reading to check what has happened as it’s been about a year since I read the first chapter of this volume, yep, it is taking that long. 🙁

These chapters were quite exciting, we meet a new character who will play a bigger role, some information on the zombies (and what happened, moral: kids always wash your hands), the girls are leaving the university to check out Randall company, and some other stuff, so all in all, very exciting, but I don’t know, I feel like I am slowly getting more and more disinterested in the series. I just feel a bit bored reading it. The first volumes (up to 6-ish) were really great, then they got to the university and my interest waned (especially since what happened at the university just made my eyes roll). And with all that happens in this volume, I am just not sure if I will want to continue. It is the same stuff over and over, barely any zombies, drama that is pretty much unnecessary at times. Yuki who is still very unstable, just like Rii is also not all in sound of mind. I just want them to go back to how it all started. Back to those earlier days.

That lie detector/phone thing, got really on my nerves. The girls never needed it, just trusted each other, and were happy with the compliments, but now they are pretty stuck on it. Yuki is totally addicted to it (talks to it all the time when she is lonely/feeling crappy), Rii just never believes anything her friends tell her unless the lie detector tells her they were speaking the truth, Kurumi also uses it (but it seems mostly as a joke). It seems that Miki is the only one who hasn’t fallen for its charms.

I am pretty sad for Kurumi, it seems that while she has survived and isn’t a zombie, or well, yet, things aren’t going well for my girl. She is sleeping more and more. We can see her legs are giving up and that she has to be either carried or rolled around in a wheelchair. It just breaks my heart. But I guess in a way she has an advantage. If zombies come in she can just stay calm and sit/crawl between them to get out, as the zombies clearly have no interest in her (and that scares me, in a way she is a zombie). I am quite curious to see how the zombie stuff moves through her body, and if she will turn fully zombie eventually or that they will find something to stop it. To cure her. Because we can’t let Kurumi go full zombie!

I am kind of curious as to what will happen in the next chapters, what will the girls do next? Will they leave? Stay? Hide? Give up Kurumi? I will probably not read the separate chapters any more, and just wait for the volumes to come out. Even if that may take a year or so.

The art is still gorgeous, I just adore how the girls are drawn and also the details. Though, as also said by someone else on the site I read the chapters, the author should do a bit more research about bacteria and virus and their differences. 😛

All in all, still a decent volume, but I do hope that the story picks up and gets more exciting.

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