Review for Grumbug!

Review for Grumbug!

Cakes, trolls, little sisters, a quest, and more!

I had already read this one in English 2 years ago, but then I spotted the book again in Dutch. Or well… to be exact.. I didn’t realise it was this book. I thought it was a sequel. 😛 Yep. I totally forgot the blurb of the first book, and so didn’t realise. Oh well, it gives me a chance to read this delightful, delicious, and exciting book again.

Meet Oliver, he and his best friend, Troll, run a shop filled with cakes, sweet delights, and of course drinks. Not for humans, oh no. This cafe is for trolls! Trolls of all sizes. Big, small, medium. Normally trolls eat kids, but eh, why eat kids when you can eat chocolate cake? Or a cupcake? Or cookies? Right! So far it is going well, but then. Dum dum dum, Oliver’s little sisters managed to escape and so our duo is going on a quest. Because they have to go and save her.

I just was laughing so hard how they climbed all sorts of things while Trol was holding a delicious and mighty cake under his arm. All the while Oliver was dismissing all the silly things the other trolls had told him. About a big troll that lives on a mountain. A troll who could drink an entire river empty in one gulp, who ate stone (ouch?). In the mean time, the readers and Troll, could see that maybe Oliver should just look a bit closer to his surroundings. But hey, positivity works? I guess?

They climb a big tall mountain, and who is there? Well, you will have to read this book yourself. I will guarantee you will be happy, you will laugh your butt off.

That ending especially, I just adored it. At first it seemed to go x way, but then it turned out to be y. Oliver is a good kid. I just don’t want to know how long it took him to do that. 😛 RIP him?

The art is gorgeous, I really love Adam Stower’s art. It is bright, colourful, fun, and I love the characters.

Since I also read the English book, I have to say that the translation in Dutch is also pretty great and on point. I still don’t understand why names get changed (though monsters I can imagine, but what is wrong with Oliver or Dolly, why do those have to be changed to Pietertje and Kaatje, I mean, really, we live in 2018, not 1910).

Oh, and I just need to add the cover for the Dutch book as that one deserves a mention.

Lastly, I would recommend this fun, hilarious, troll and cake-filled book to everyone.

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