Review for Hoorade Day!

Review for Hoorade Day!

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Oh my, this was just too much fun! I am not in the US, so 4th of July is just a normal day for me, but I do love to read about the celebrations, and read picture books about it. And this one is all about a special parade during that day. How lovely!

Our little MC is going to a parade with her parents. And boy, what a sights we see. She spots her bigger brother playing in the band, spots Coralee dancing around in pretty dresses, all sorts of weird cars (including one that sprays water, eekkk cold), and such more more. Of course everything is in Blue, White, and Red. The colours of the US. The parade goes on and I just loved seeing all that came by.

And that ending just brought a bigger smile to my face. That kid sure had the best day of her life (well, for now). I do wonder why she didn’t dress up like this at the parade?

I would have loved some fireworks. Yep, I heard all about that fireworks they apparently do on that day. I guess it may not have fitted with the parade, but it would make a bang of an ending.

The art is pretty gorgeous. Especially the parade, everything is so detailed it is as if one is standing alongside with the family and also viewing the parade.

All in all, this is one book I would recommend, especially with 4th of July coming up in just under a month. I am sure little kids will love this one.

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